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The definitive guide to launching a housekeeping startup

It is a well-known fact that the vast majority of housekeeping companies belong to the unorganised sector. It should also come as no surprise that hundreds, if not thousands more of such companies have sprung up practically overnight in the past two years, capitalising on the heightened demand for cleaning created by the pandemic.

As the latter begins to recede into the background, doubts about the capabilities, resources and credibility of many of these ‘agencies’ are now beginning to surface. Launching such a service is no mean task; cleaning is a science that needs to be understood, labour laws need to be followed, results need to be validated, supply chain management needs to be viewed through the lens of fiscal prudence…the list is endless.

As many more entrepreneurs are poised to build housekeeping startups, the time is ripe for the industry beyond the organised sector to understand what it takes to launch and succeed as a formalised, structured, rule-abiding housekeeping service provider.

In this story, we will understand the teething troubles that housekeeping startups face, learn from the successes and failures of a housekeeping veteran, and have experts weigh on the correct cleaning machines and chemicals that a housekeeping startup should acquire from the get-go.

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