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The Brilliance of Electrochemical Technology

“Giselle® is one of the most eco-friendly and on-site systems to sanitize different environmental and professional surfaces,” says Mara Bagnasco, Incharge, Marketing & Product Development-De Nora NEXT on Giselle’s diverse applications.

Giselle, based on the electrochemical technology extends the possibility of diversifications of its usage. The sodium hypochlorite solution produced by Giselle doesn’t contain aggressive caustic stabilizers present in common bleach products. The solution produced by Giselle can be used on a variety of hard surfaces of equipment, furniture, utensils, containers, floors, walls, ceramics, bathroom fixtures, sink, tables, chairs, doors in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, entertainment facilities and it is compatible with majority of materials such as glass, ceramic , plastic, coated metals and stainless steel.

Proven Efficacy

The solution has been in agreement with stringent USA guidelines. It has also been approved by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). All the tests have been done by a third party laboratory.
In addition, hospitals and retirement homes, already using the Giselle, have checked the microbial load before and after – on different surfaces (tables, toilet seat, beds, door handles etc) – using swab tests. In all the cases they were strongly satisfied, for instance, the Horizon Hospital in Goa.
Giselle can have multiple applications, in terms of surfaces and locations where it can be used. It protects people and the environment because of its high sanitizing efficacy, efficiency in removing odours (such as urine) and good cleaning performances (especially against blood).

“At Clean India Show, we aspire to meet operators of the sector, such as distributors and cleaning services companies, and to start profitable collaboration, which we are already doing in other countries.”

Five Years down the Line

The awareness is increasing more and more as people know that cleaning & hygiene is fundamental to their health, and governments are understanding the strong impact that hygiene can have on the PIL of their countries.

India is no exception! The economic impact of inadequate hygiene could be estimated in billions of dollars, if the loss of tourism earning, especially of international tourists, reduction to workplace and school access is considered.
As De Nora India, we are a great brand in the industrial field and in the next five years we would like to become a benchmark also in the cleaning field for all the operators who want to provide high hygiene standards to their customers.
For years, De Nora has been providing solutions for disinfection of drinking water in small communities and in the future we would like to enhance our offer in this field, with an increasing attention to services, especially on training and technical assistance.

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