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We also offer made-to-order leather jackets where people can order the jackets based on the designs they selected.

Our prices are thus reflective of the same. My first customer has been a leather brand from Bangalore! The Company sent out leather gear in bulk quantities to us, and has been quite satisfied with our services! I have had people coming to me with precious leather gear (of high sentimental value) from their grandparents’ times, seeking advise on preservation and restoration techniques.

Troubles on the way…

Lack of skills in the field, lack of awareness among the consumers, theft or pilferage; we faced a lot of teething troubles at every stage. Even to this day, we are learning and are facing unexpected challenges from all quarters.

Cost Vs Quality

For me competition has never been a deterrent, or a motivator! I want to effectively package and sell stellar quality service that is timely, courteous and durable! I will not say that the concept is entirely unique/novel! There are several Indian players dabbling with the concept already! I do not want to under-cut competition by indulging in a price war of sorts. The focus area will only and always be “quality”. Since my focus area is narrow and caters to a niche market, it will take us a while to get volumes and break into the market! But it will be totally worth its while! Profit, is not the motive at the moment, building up on a culture of leather-care in India, is.

Future Plans…

The key milestones for the next one-year would only be to focus on excellent quality and timely deliveries. We will try to get as much traction as we can in Delhi/ NCR and in other metro cities through our brand partners! I have tied up with three brands from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, who have exclusive rights to market our products in their respective cities! I am in dialogue with two other brands, and the idea now would be to tie up with, as many brands as possible, so that they can direct all the leather care needs of their customers to us!

Too early to be able to make any kind of projections! I am taking my own sweet time, and want the venture to grow organically (banking heavily on word-of-mouth). We are learning every day and are playing it by ear! Of-course I have certain dreams, goals and milestones for the venture, but I would like to keep them to myself for now!

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