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The answer to pharma’s mechanised cleaning needs

That cleaning machines are integral to pharma housekeeping is beyond debate. But can a machine used in other industries be applied willy-nilly in pharma? No. What this sector needs is a range of equipment designed specifically to meet its unique challenges. Rajiv Bhatia, Country Manager & Director, Nilfisk India Pvt Ltd explains how his company has risen to meet those challenges.

Nilfisk has been working with pharmaceutical companies for decades, and our team of pharmaceutical-solutions professionals interacts, listens, and participates in solving the needs of pharmaceutical customers. We firmly believe that the most important aspect of collaboration with medicine manufacturers is understanding the unique nature of every customer’s production and determining their specific hygienic requirements.

We at Nilfisk help you prioritise quality and safety of your operations with zero-compromise solutions to:

  • Ensure maximum product quality
  • Protect your hygiene standards
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Ensure a cleaner, healthier workplace
  • Ensure GMP and ergonomics

End-to-end solutions

We support the entire manufacturing process, beginning with dry-ingredient recovery during mixing, continuing to conveyance of powders, granules, and capsules, and ending with dust-containment during filling and compacting. Scrubbers, sweepers, vacuum cleaners and high-pressure washers then allow producers to maximize and maintain the hygienic standard of their production environment, lines, and furnishings.

Shop-floor cleaning

Efficient maximisation of production-site hygiene is key. Our walk-behind scrubber dryers offer comfortable productivity in a compact design that is easy to clean and maintain. Floors are deep-cleaned and dried in a single pass, even in small or congested areas. This maintains an optimal level of floor hygiene, preventing contamination of production areas.

During packaging activities, cutting machines often become blocked with waste, which can lead to process interruptions. The use of a vacuum cleaner allows for continuous waste-recovery while machinery remains in operation, thereby optimising productivity and ensuring a clean production environment.

Dust control

No matter what pharmaceutical product is being manufactured, dust generated by production can contaminate other products, or even be inhaled by personnel, if incorrectly filtered.

The right machinery and accessories can effectively contain and control dust, preventing environmental contamination and contributing to optimal workplace safety. Our range of machines are used for various pharmaceutical applications such as:

Material conveyance

Now move your empty capsules with zero risk. Our pneumatic conveyors move dry raw materials, such as powders and/or granules, into your processing machines and systems (Granulation & tablet compression) – either from one point to several, or vice versa – without segregation, thereby preserving their integrity and keeping component percentages intact.

Available in even AISI316L steel & equipped with specific filters for the recovery of very fine or toxic powders, our ‘White Line’ vacuums are the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred solution for safe cleaning and containment.

Rajiv Bhatia


Cleanroom sanitation

The key factor when it comes to clean room hygiene is elimination of contaminants across all surfaces with HEPA/ULPA filtration vacuums or steam-based solutions depending on their nature.

Equipment and workspace cleaning

Our ‘White Line’ vacuums are specifically designed to clean inside and outside of process machines and are ideal for general work area cleaning too. Available in even AISI316L steel & equipped with specific filters for the recovery of very fine or toxic powders, these vacuums are the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred solution for safe cleaning and containment.

Dust recovery from process machinery

Our vacuums are equipped with HEPA- or ULPA-certified filters, to help maintain a safe, pure and effective manufacturing process. They are available in stationary or mobile variants, including cleanroom-compliant and explosion-proof designs, providing the means to ensure quality while upholding stringent safety standards.

Package scrap recovery

A Nilfisk R-series industrial vacuum is designed specifically for blister and pouch packaging applications, eliminating interruptions normally required for cleaning of cutting machines, thereby improving productivity and reducing downtime.

General cleaning & floorcare

Production areas demand the highest standards of floor hygiene, preventing impurities from entering your production areas, which is critical in ensuring product quality and safety. Our floor cleaning equipment brings along a wide variety of innovations for maintenance of hygiene in such critical areas of application. From an industrial steam cleaner with continuous 4-hour operation for deep sanitisation to scrubber dryers offering deep cleaning and drying floors in a single pass with EcoflexTM technology, we offer up to 60% saving of chemical for a greener and uncompromised cleaning operation.

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