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The 360-degree integrated laundry expert

MAGNARAB is an innovator for commercial and industrial laundry solutions. Its all-encompassing approach, which includes equipment supply, franchising ideas, cutting-edge software, and advisory services, influences the direction of laundry business in both greenfield and existing projects.

Equipment Supply

The portfolio features the most cutting-edge laundry technology, including powerful washer extractors weighing 10 to 300 kg, effective dryers, ironers and dry-cleaning equipment, as well as sophisticated steam presses and branding machines. A specialised division for completely refurbished laundry machines is a unique feature. The machines are qualified by the service team, most critical parts are replaced, completely re-painted and polished and are backed by a no-questions-asked warranty.

Global partnerships

The wide range of washing machines comes from manufacturers throughout the world, including TOLON (Turkey and Spain), Fagor (Spain), UNICA (Belgium), Sovrana (Italy), Rotondi (Italy) and Alba (Turkey). MAGNARAB serves the MENA region as well as the Indian subcontinent, Europe and the Americas.

MUSE Retail

A ground-breaking concept for a boutique store available in four flexible and versatile sizes. These self-contained studios reinvent neighborhood laundry services by effectively fusing technology, style and functionality, from idea development and engineering to equipment provision and software integration. Investors looking for hands-on involvement find the perfect collaboration, creating rapid growth and expansion. especially in countries like India.

Allure dry cleaners

A venture that has been successful for 8 years and has a network of more than 45 franchised locations throughout the southern and central areas of Kerala. Allure is a pioneer in the fields of thorough dry cleaning, steam cleaning and delicate river water washing. The investor-friendly franchise model consists of comprehensive software, training and streamlined garment pick-up and delivery services. The franchisee stores are pure collection points and are supported with marketing activities. Every garment converges at the central processing facility, where processing typically spans 3 to 4 days.

MUSE Academy

A new project being launched later this year to train entrepreneurs and career oriented professionals in the field of laundry and dry-cleaning services. The courses include on-site training for up to 4 months and covers every theoretical and practical aspects of laundry and dry-cleaning management.


A laundry management software that offers a complete collection of software components. Exclusive tagging solutions, point-of-sale systems, production management, user interfaces, and rider apps are all included, and perfectly integrated with accounting systems.

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