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Texcare Asia & China Laundry Expo kicks off

After three years apart, with changing needs in the global economy  and the growth of consumer demand, the textile care market has gradually recovered, and industry insiders are eager to strengthen international business cooperation and find new growth points. To help facilitate collaboration, a number of fringe events will be  running concurrently with Texcare Asia & China Laundry Expo, set to take place from 25 – 27 September 2023. Equipped with the  industry insights afforded to them, fairgoers at the Shanghai New  International Expo Centre will be able to source from a wide variety  of over 330 domestic and international exhibitors across 25,000 sq m. These include not only the major brand names, but also over 90 suppliers making their debuts at this edition.

Exhibitors at this edition hail from 15 countries and regions, namely China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, the  Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Türkiye, the UK and the US. Well-known suppliers include Alliance, Chuandao, CSM,  Fagor, Girbau, Jensen, Kannegiesser, Laundrymate, Oasis, Sankosha,  Sea-Lion, Weishi, and many more.

After three years of innovation behind closed doors, TXCA & CLE 2023 will showcase the industry’s progress and its four major trends – intelligent equipment, digitalisation, service platforming, and industrial  data accumulation. The entire supply chain will be present, including  machinery, systems and accessories, chemicals and consumables,  digital and intelligent solutions, energy saving and environmental  protection technologies, leather care products, rental services, and more.

With global players looking to capitalise on current market trends, this year’s show will debut two new zones. The first, the Leasing Laundry  Circle, encompasses the shared linen, uniform rental and laundry areas,  and contains brands such as Agiletex, Datamars, LINEWAY, SENPU  XUNJIE, and Finove. Meanwhile, the Luxury Care Zone comprises the high-end clothing and leather renewal areas, with exhibitors including Haonr, Laise, DINASI, HIBEST, and Zhongxin Weiye.

Over the three-day show, a series of fringe events will be held, such as high-standard vocational skills competitions, as well as industry forums  and networking activities, where laundry practitioners gather to share  their insights and discuss future development. Featured events include:

The 13th Laundry and Dyeing Industry Professional Skills Competition 

Taking place every two years, this is the most influential  vocational skills competition in the washing and dyeing industry. During TXCA & CLE 2023, the finals of the stain removal, leather care, public laundry care, ironing and clothing mending projects will be held at the fairground.

2023 Textile Care & Laundry Industry Networking Event 

One of the Asian laundry industry’s most business-friendly networking events aims to provoke important conversations regarding pandemic-related industry changes; opportunities and  challenges within Asia’s recovering hotel tourism and laundry  industries; cooperative growth points between Chinese and  Southeast Asian laundry markets; and how to apply the circular  economy to current business practices.

4th Awards Ceremony of the China Laundry Industry

The organising committee will honour a group of key industry  players whose business acumen and innovation are worthy of  study, in order to inspire other laundry practitioners to actively  face challenges, seek invention, and turn crises into opportunities.

The 4th China Public Textile Laundry Summit Forum

This forum brings together representatives from the field of public  laundry and textile cleaning, and serves as an important platform  that focuses on the latest development trends. Featuring technology seminars, keynote speeches and constructive  dialogues, the forum will focus on intelligent production and innovative management within the industry.

TXCA & CLE Laundry OnLive 

Laundry OnLive offers more than its base function as a live broadcast platform – it is a call for laundry insiders from around the world to intermingle beyond the physical confines of  the international industry showcase in Shanghai.

As the leading trade fair for the laundry and textile care industry in Asia, TXCA & CLE provides business openings across the supply chain, and  has become a strong platform for upstream and downstream enterprises. The show is expected to channel a strong visitor flow of over 20,000  trade buyers. Currently, a range of industry associations are organising  visitor delegations from across Europe, and from Asian countries and  regions such as China, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Malaysia, and Singapore, with over 30 delegations expected to attend.

TXCA & CLE is an annual event organised by the Laundry Committee of  China General Chamber of Commerce and the China Light Industry  Machinery Association, as well as Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd  and Unifair Exhibition Service Co Ltd.

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