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Thursday , 12 December 2019
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Terracyclic Deodourising Gel

The new Terracyclic Deodourising gel has been designed specifically to give the Terracyclic cartridge controlled odour neutralising from the moment it is installed. The gel is made from a synergistic blend of fragrant oils and naturally derived odour neutralsing agents. The gel remains inert in the base of the bag until it is installed. When the bag is unfolded the gel starts to release the active components. The fragrant oils and odour neutralising agents are slowly released into the airspace of the Bio Bin, until it is filled with the odour controlling vapour phase, at which time a vapour pressure equilibrium is reached within the Bio Bin. As the vapour pressure is reduced when dressings are added to the bin and the vapour escapes from the Bio Bin more vapour is released from the gel.


The fragrant oil combination helps mask any odours being emitted from the dressings, while the odour neutralising agents react with odours, rendering them odourless. The amount and intensity of odours generated within a Bio Bin will be dependent on a number of factors such as ambient conditions; temperature and humidity but also the quantity/ type of dressings within the bin, and time period between servicing. The gel should control odours in 98% of bins for one  month once installed. The gel is fully biodegradable.


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