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Tenon Group launches Tenon Talks

A Webinar series to create meaningful dialogue among FM industry veterans

Tenon    Group    launched a webinar series by the name “Tenon Talks” in July’2020. As the first  episode of this initiative, Tenon hosted a webinar on 10th July and the topic was Workplace 2.0 – Emerging norms of Integrated Security & Facility Management.

Major Manjit Rajain, Global Chairman, Tenon Group of Companies mentioned during the inaugural session of Tenon Talks “The idea behind launching the webinar format based series is to bring together the industry leaders across the Security & Facility Management fraternity on a common platform to delve upon the emerging scenarios in the space due to pandemic COVID19 & to proactively identify the need of the hour, in order to evolve the best practices for the industry.

Asha Pathania, AVP Housekeeping, PVR Cinemas mentioned that we need to adapt with new normal and should be more concerned towards taking precautions to fight the pandemic rather than just being afraid of the pandemic & spreading the fear. Righty mentioning about her industry she said that hospitality & entertainment space employs large number of people & to safeguard the safety interests of both employees & consumers, is the onus of employer. Certification from authorized bodies, use of right technology, right communication and benchmarking excellence in services are essential to build trust with employees and customers during this pandemic.

Col. Bana, Chairman, OSAC Delhi Chapter was of the view that more than fear, this pandemic has made us learn about the importance of maintaining hygiene in our day to day life. It has made us realize that how we can keep the disease at bay by simply ensuring to wash our hands properly. Also, the pandemic has crossed the boundaries of biasness & made people realise that it can effect anyone, irrespective of their financial status or country’s evolution status.

Moving onto the corporate security aspect, the veteran mentioned that collaboration, cross functioning, preparedness, and investment in training & upskilling are the new buzz words for the industry & we all need to learn from  each  other  on how to do things better. He also mentioned that it is very important for security agencies to invest in training considering the fact that we don’t have a scope to fail in such situation.

Being a part of one of  the  most active industry during the pandemic, Amit Mangla, Senior Vice President – Procurement & Facilities, MAX Life Insurance shared some of the learnings which he had during the pandemic. He  mentioned  that  the  diligent  combination   of technology & human  resources alongside maintaining precautions helped them finally make the offices & branches operational during the crisis. In addition to the basics like masks, thermal screening, hygiene maintenance & sanitisation they have implemented SOPs via sensor cameras, smartphone Apps which are centrally managed and work in a more controlled manner for multi-location offices

Feroze Hussain, Chief Security Officer, Delhivery, mentioned “Close coordination with  the  government  agencies &  police  organisations  helped us in ensuring smooth supply chain management during the lock down and we were able to supply essential  commodities like medicines, masks, sanitisers & medical supplies PAN India”. He also concentrated on the importance of motivating employees to come back to work and help them feel safe while they perform the essential duties.

Being at the helm of providing Security & Facility Management services Angad Rajain, Global

Head IFM & Strategy Head, Tenon Group added, “Our government’s vision of having an’ Atma-Nirbhar Bharat’ can be largely fulfilled by the Security and FM industry. It motivates the organisations to be self-sufficient to reopen their workplace and public spaces with ease and implementing their own protocol of hygiene, safety and security.”

The session was moderated by Mohana M, Editor-Clean India Journal.

Summarising & closing upon the insightful session of Tenon Talks, Brig. Rajan Oberoi, Global CEO, Tenon Group concluded with the fact that the workplace reflects the values at the core of a company. While we return to a new norm at offices and public places, it is now each organisation’s responsibility to put safety, hygiene and security at the forefront for visitors, customers and employees.

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