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Tennant-IPC Growth Plans for Indian market

In a seismic shift in the cleaning industry, Tony Chazhoor, MD of IPC Cleaning India has been given the additional charge of heading the Tennant in India. Chazhoor will also work on a 2021 growth plan for India, which will be part of Tennant’s EMEA market starting this year. In this interview, Chazhoor shares what the announcement means, and how it will improve the market in India:

Q. How does it feel to head the combined businesses of Tennant and IPC in India?

A: Being entrusted with the new assignment of heading the combined businesses in India is a matter of pride not only for me personally, but for the entire IPC India team. The team construes it as an endorsement of the efficacy of our business model.

Q. How will this realignment help the company?

A: Although IPC India has a substantial presence, the first benefit of realignment shall be the network economies of scale, wherein the reach of the company will widen across the industry segments and geographies as well.

There shall also be more opportunities for marketing economies of scale with nationwide campaigns to augment sales and increase our visibility.

Q. Tennant is known for its industrial solutions while IPC is known for its commercial and institutional solutions; what are your plans with regards to product offering?

A: The combined portfolio of products shall be more comprehensive and more rounded. The combination of sizable specialized offerings at IPC and Tennant, shall provide an opportunity to introduce new technology, reduce operational costs and thus increase dynamic efficiency.

Q. What are the existing, individual strengths of Tennant and of IPC that you will leverage?

A: The key advantage in this integration is that, Tennant has a steady, long-standing master dealer relationship in India, whereas IPC has a substantial outreach and fast-growing direct footprint. This shall help us integrate and synergize our efforts for mutual commercial benefits, as IPC India has a proficient team of employees and an established key client base built over the years that would come in handy for future aspirations of the combined entity.

Q. Can you give us any insights into the combined growth plan for the future?

A: We shall explore all possibilities to expand our market reach using each other’s expertise and work towards becoming the No.1 player in the professional cleaning machinery market in India.

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