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“At the 12th edition of Clean India Show in Indore, we got phenomenal response from the Show visitors.”

“There is a clear shift from ‘cost to quality’ in the consumer’s perception. Indian cleaning chemical industry too, is fast changing with the consumers’ behaviour. Arrow Coated being a technologydriven company is keen to drive ‘the change’ to the next level with its water soluble film technology”, says Nimit Dalal, CEO- Arrow Care Division, Arrow Coated Products Ltd.

The Indian cleaning chemical industry is evolving and fast catching up with the global standards; however, the industry is still accustomed to manual dosing system. Compared to the global standards, there is a clear lag in terms of automation, technology and eco-friendliness.

Film Coating

With around 50 patents on a wide range of technologies, Arrow Coated Products Ltd is a product-centric company. We hold patents for the process of Manufacturing Embedded Water Soluble Film System, Method of Manufacturing Embedded Water Soluble film Carrier, Biodegradable Multi-Layered Composite Packaging Materials and Process for Manufacturing the Same and more. Earlier these films applications were restricted to agro-chemicals packing, embroidery, now we have introduced the technology for Laundry Bags, Capsule Package, Fish Bait, Toilet Blocks, Dyes, Cement Additives and Enzymes for Bio Toilets. This can also be used to produce edible film based pharma films, which is another patent of ours.

With the help of these patents we have changed the way cleaning chemicals work. Using water soluble film technology, we produce capsules containing 5ml-25ml of the cleaning chemicals that can directly be used by the end consumers. Once dropped into the water, the outer layer dissolves automatically and the chemical gets mixed within 1-3minutes. A five litre can, can thus be replaced by 100 capsules. The weight is directly reduced by 65-70%. There is no plastic involved, thus a direct saving of 95% of the plastic waste. It is a well measured process. This reduces not only the transportation cost but also carbon emission.

We have entered into an agreement with a leading Spanish firm Careli SA for supply of chemicals and technology required for commercial success of Arrow Care’s Klenz brand of cleaning products. The chemicals are certified as per European Union standards and are Eco-friendly. We have already got the ‘Eco’ certification in Europe and soon will get this in India too.

Klenz-ProThe capsules are not only 100% green but are high on quality too. Once used, there is no residue left. The solution post-cleaning is not harmful at all. There is no treatment required and unlike many Eco-friendly Chemicals it provides great cleaning results.

Ensuring quality cleaning

Almost all the four-five star hotels and many other institutions have got highly precious stones and marbles as part of the decoration. Even a slight more dose of chemicals can harm these on a longer run. There are chances of spillage and leakage during the inconvenient process.

If the concentration of the chemical is higher than needed, it might spoil the entire floor. Using the films, it can be avoided. One just needs to put a capsule into the spray bottles filled with normal water. It takes hardly 1-2 minutes for the film to get dissolved and may three minutes maximum in cold water.

Usually janitors are not educated, hence they don’t exactly understand the importance of measurement. The film technology makes them accountable. The capsules are further colour coded depending on the applications. Given to use one capsule each time, it is very easy to use and lasts as per the prediction. We have got a range of products right from floor cleaner, washroom cleaner to laundry solutions.

Current R&D

For pharmaceuticals, we have special anti-bacterial cleaners with microbial actions. We have done the testing and have got the UNE1276, 1040 and 1275 certifications for the same. We are also developing specialised products such as for automobile industry, boiler cleaning, water treatment and so on.

However, currently we are focusing on to boost the distribution network. A number of new distributors are coming into the loop. And in a year and half, we will have a pan India presence.


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