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Technocrats launches organic waste composter

In order to handle enormous amount of waste and address the problem of degrading land resources, Mumbai based Technocrats Security Systems Pvt Ltd has launched Rapid Organic Composter to treat organic waste at its point of generation. An ideal solution for Municipal Corporations and industries, the composter will be showcased at Clean India Show 2012.

The composting system is suitable for onsite processing of all types of vegetables and full waste, cooked and uncooked food waste, used flowers, garden waste and other biodegradable waste. It finds application in industrial premises, hotels, restaurants, temples, clubs, hospitals, residential and commercial complexes. Available in capacities ranging from 500 to 1500kg, it is made of SS 304 material for durability and hygiene. The machine is equipped with trolley to handle the raw compost taken out of the machine.

The machine operation is simple and takes 10 to 15 minutes for a batch of waste to get processed. As a safety feature, the machine incorporates a limit switch, which remains open when the machine lid is opened. This prevents the machine to start and thus avoids injury to human hands. The control panel of the machine is isolated from the machine, enabling easy maintenance. It has also been provided with overload relays, which get tripped when the machine gets overloaded and thus protects the electric motors from damage.


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