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Technical and practical information

The magazine should focus more on the technical aspects of the content featured. Usually statements made from experts are printed but they do not delve deeply on the subject and provide only surface knowledge. A box should be placed next to the statements giving additional information. It will allow people to know the practical applications of the discussed method or technology. In depth information will provide ready reference on the subject. The content and topics covered in the magazine should also be increased. As a dealer of cleaning equipment, the advertisements and the products featured are very helpful. But new products and companies should be featured, so that information on new launches in the market is available. The awareness on cleaning equipment has to be increased. The magazine should be promoted so that it reaches a large number of people. There should be a helpline number that can provide information on specific cleaning products for personalised solutions. It should also provide instructions on the use of the chemicals. Having such type of database will allow the people in the cleaning industry to refer to Clean India Journal as a one stop point for all cleaning related queries.

Mr. Ravi Ajitsariya
Hardware House, Guwahati



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