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“Tech” the way to supply chain security

Rupal Sinha

Rupal Sinha, CEO, Quess Integrated Facilities Management Services

A wide range of IoT applications in supply chain security management, generating enormous artificial intelligence data, bridging the gap between security, enterprise resource planning and smart warehouse management, can be a game changer in security management as it will track the asset/cargo lifecycle, right from the origin to the last mile delivery, writes Rupal Sinha, CEO, Quess Integrated Facilities Management Services.

Smart Warehouse Security Solution: Integrates various security systems such as perimeter protection, entry and exit management, access control, fire and safety equipment, video monitoring and detection. This is done with IP-based cameras backed by command control centres to analyse artificial intelligence data.

Video analytics system: At warehouses not only detects intrusion and acts as a deterrent but also enables heat maps to sense high traffic areas and determines which products in those areas are generating high traffic. Accordingly, product distribution and traffic can be optimised.

Video analytics also helps in restricted zone detection, detection of entry or exit of people/vehicle from protected zone, detection of undesired motion of people, forklifts or vehicles, senses events and behaviours that precede any theft and untoward incidents that help in minimising warehouse/cargo theft.

Fleet security systems: Can monitor real-time freight movement using GPS and GPRS technologies that provide in-transit visibility. It can collate fleet telematics like speed, positioning, route deviation alerts and conduct behavioural predictive analysis to detect signs of driver’s drowsiness to avoid any unfortunate and harmful scenarios with quick response. It also alerts truck drivers of possible threats to vehicles or consignments besides remote truck immobilisation.

RFID inventory management systems: Assist in providing data related to each consignment – its size, manufacturer, expiry, serial number, production line and so on, to assist in better planning and movement of inflow and outflow of each product.

Drone solutions: Can make certain tasks at warehouses more accurate and accessible such as cycle counting of inventory, especially when there could be challenges to reach or access. Using software-based drones, tasks of scanning barcodes, labels and RFID tags can be done with more accuracy, minimizing human intervention.

Attendance management system: Integrated with biometrics systems, access control, thermal cameras for facial recognition, elevated temperatures, helps in generating timesheets, managing people flow and their attendance, preventing unauthorised entry and exit.

Perimeter protection systems and traffic flow surveillance: Create virtual perimeter fencing that is monitored in real time, detecting and tracking alarming movement of people and vehicles in undesired directions.

With a host of other applications and systems such as remote process automation, blockchain for data authentication and advanced analytics for rack spacing and reconciliation of stock and seamless integration of various systems, we provide customised supply chain security systems to protect people, processes and property.

IoT and AI

A smart warehouse would need an IOT-enabled security platform that integrates all security systems and essential robotic process automation deployed at warehouses backed by an intelligent command control centre which can prevent, predict, generate artificial intelligence for better security management of the warehouses.

AI-enabled security cameras and surveillance systems should be installed for fence perimeter security and various sensitive areas that require constant monitoring such as loading/unloading bay, freight parking areas, restricted areas for high value goods.

Digital lock and efficient key management with defined protocols are another important element in warehouse security.

CCTV monitoring

Deploying bollards and other gate management solutions with high resolution cameras at entry and facility parking can scan volumes of license plates to keep track and locate vehicle movements from entry to exit. Trail and audit of vehicles coming in and out is essential to ensure another security layer to minimise theft.

Monitoring the entry and exit of people entering the warehouse, whether they are employees, vendors, or visitors, is a must through robust access control, visitor management systems and thermal and motion enabled cameras. Considering the vast area, duress alarms with panic buttons and lone worker solutions are a must at warehouses.

A well-run supply chain and secured warehouse management should integrate people, processes and technology i.e physical, electronic and cyber security to create a defensive layer, making theft of freight, assets and data along the supply chain difficult and inaccessible.

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