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Teaching beyond the curriculum

Over the years, hotel management institutes have increased by the score in keeping with the high demand for professional in the growing hospitality industry. Clean India Journal  speaks to B.P. Sahni, Principal, Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai, on the making of managers,chefs, housekeepers, stewards, bartenders, food media professionals… as the first batch of students roll out of the college.

hotel-managementIN A spectacular valedictory function in March, SRIHM honoured its first batch of students who took the stage for successfully playing their roles as General Managers, F&B Head, Executive Chefs, Sous Chefs, Executive Housekeepers etc for a period of three years.

Training students with hands-on experience and preparing them to take up the most demanding responsibilities in the hospitality industry, is a big challenge.  “We recreated a virtual hotel in our five-star fully air-conditioned premises equipped with state-of the-art facilities and equipment,” explained Sahni.

[box type=”shadow” ]B.P.-SahniBeing an organization that promotes continuous learning for all members of the institute, SRIHM stands out in the making of hospitality professionals by providing an atmosphere conducive to learning and having a team of dedicated faculty that impart quality education.

– B.P. Sahni

Even with a perfect stage setting, learning has to be made interesting to get the best out of the students. “Our team of competent and committed faculty focuses on developing students using innovative teaching methods with knowledge and information aligned to the “real world” of global hospitality. But what bring out the best among the students and empowers them are the cocurricular and extra-curricular activities round the year.”

HousekeepingThe hospitality industry today requires professionals who are multi-skilled, pro-active, alert of the market trends, aware of the guest needs, innovative, in sync with the vision, environmentally sensitive, maintains integrity and having the ability to go that extra mile. It is at the institute that these skills are developed preparing them for the real world of hotel management.

Among the varied activities in hotel management, housekeeping plays a prime role and is referred to as the back bone of the hotel operations. However, not many students go into specializing in housekeeping.

“Theoretically, housekeeping is a separate course.  According to the Mumbai University syllabus, it has been combined together with Front Office under the nomenclature of Rooms Division Management which unfortunately dilutes the importance of the course. At SRIHM, Housekeeping is on par with the other core subjects.

Housekeeping-table“The institute has mechanized cleaning equipment which allows students to have a hands-on experience of advanced cleaning technology. This provides an impetus for students to become interested in Housekeeping. Karcher conducts a workshop for the students which includes a lecture on cleaning technology, a demonstration of how the equipment works as well as a practice session. A similar session on manual cleaning is conducted by Galileo Associates. The students have visited exhibitions that showcase housekeeping products and technology.

Teaching“The institute has two guestrooms with design and décor akin to those in a deluxe hotel. These are used to demonstrate and practice guestroom cleaning, bed making and placement of guest amenities and supplies. A major part of the syllabus in Semester-V focuses on décor and the students select a course for specialization in Semester VI – the final semester, where the finer aspects of organizing and managing a Housekeeping department are dealt with.

“Avril Sule, Associate Professor at the Institute who has been teaching housekeeping for nearly four decades says she has spent a lifetime in turning around mindsets that existed about choosing a career in Housekeeping. “It is heartening to see many young men entering this field of hospitality that was once the domain of women. Also, new technology has lifted Housekeeping out of the demeaning status that it was once perceived as and that has made all the difference.” With varied opportunities available, it is now easier to inspire and motivate students to choose Housekeeping as a career option,” she added.

[box type=”shadow” ]Courses offered by SRIHM

Courses offered by SRIHM
Affiliated Programs under the University of Mumbai

  • Bachelors Degree B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)
    A three-year full time Degree program focusses on creating managerial cadre talent for various sectors of the hotel and hospitality business.

Proposed Programs for 2016-17 from the University of Mumbai

  • Bachelors Degree B.A. (Culinary Arts) – Chef’s Program
    A three-year full time Degree program specifically aimed at students who aspire to be chefs and embrace careers in Kitchen Management and Restaurant Entrepreneurship introduced for the first time from the University of Mumbai
  •  Associate Degree in Culinary Arts
    A two-year full time program that thoroughly trains students in the culinary arts and crafts, fast track careers in hospitality kitchens and also offers progression to the final year of B.A. Culinary Arts introduced for the first time from the University of Mumbai
  • Master’s Degree M.Sc. (Hotel & Hospitality Administration)
    Post Graduate Degree Program after B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies) / B.A. (Culinary Arts) introduced for the first time from the University of Mumbai


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