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Taski IntelliSpray receives ISSA Award

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IntelliSpray technology, developed by Taski, has won the ISSA Innovation of the Year and Most Innovative Equipment awards. Chosen by cleaning professionals around the world, these prestigious accolades were awarded at the ISSA North America exhibition and conference in November, after over two months of voting that considered criteria including impact, practicality, sustainability, profitability and originality. As a fully integrated solution, Taski IntelliSpray allows facilities to scrub floors and disinfect them in a single pass, achieving new standards in hygiene.

The 20-litre tank of disinfectant disperses a fine, 60-micron mist through five nozzles. Three of these nozzles cover a wide-angle area behind the machine, disinfecting freshly scrubbed floors, while two side mounted sprays can be used for furniture and vertical surfaces. Additionally, the system comes with a manual spray option. This allows operators to perform precise disinfection, wherever it is required along their route, without the need to go and get additional supplies

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