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Bhavesh ParsanaWith over a decade experience, Satol Chemicals has made pan-India presence serving a range of chemicals for almost all the segments. The journey remains ever expanding, tapping the local-global consumers. Bhavesh Parsana, MD-Satol Chemicals speaks to Clean India Journal on the company’s latest offerings and business plans.

From Then to Now…

Journey for Satol Chemicals has been full of challenges but rewarding in terms of notable customer base and satisfied end-users. Providing a range of solutions for different segments, the company has entered into the market as a manufacturer of Cleaning & Sanitation Chemicals, especially for F&B consumers.

When plethora of global players had their dominance in the market, we have successfully made our presence as one of the leading players in India.

Challenges & Opportunities

There is a presence of countless organised and unorganised players in the industry; still growth potential is huge in Indian Domestic Market as well as for exports. Indian population and infrastructural developments within the country provide huge market opportunities for every manufacturer.

With the vision of replicating this success, Satol Chemicals has entered into Housekeeping Chemicals. Competition in this sector is severe as a number of players are already in the business, especially catering to unorganised market. High quality products backed by on-site customer support can only sustain this competition.

For housekeeping chemicals, each and every individual plays an important role of potential user/customer compared to Industrial Cleaning Market where Industries are limited.

General awareness about cleanliness & hygiene

Currently we are having PAN India geographical reach covering Tier I, II and III Indian cities. But as per our observations, there is still lack of awareness on cleanliness & hygiene standards, especially in Tier II and III cities. Most of our ongoing Marketing exercises are aimed at increasing this awareness through media and direct interactions.

For hand cleansing product, customers must check disinfection efficiency along with cleaning performance. The product should be gentle on skin giving enduring antimicrobial effect for long period.

Yes, end consumers are getting up aware of bio degradable formulations as these products are already successful in Western Countries, but in a price driven market like India, the complete adoption will take time owing to vast presence of unorganised players.

Expansion Plans…

We have been present and performing very well for more than 10 years and the sole reason for the same is quality offerings to customers in terms of products & services. We are looking forward to stronghold our extensive geographical reach within India. For the Exports Market, currently we have presence in Asian countries and are targeting other continents in the coming years.

In addition to our current focus on Hotel and Facility Management Industry, we are aiming for laundry as it is a developing segment for the Indian industry.

Under expansion plans, one of the major focus for our business will be on portfolio of Disinfection Chemicals. In the past years, we have developed and marketed many products for Cleaning Portfolio and now need of the hour is chemicals for Disinfection. The upcoming disinfection product range will be spread across many applications in hotels, hospitals etc. We are already manufacturing certain products for disinfection in Food & Beverage Industry.

Currently we are marketing our all Industrial as well as Institutional Products under brand name of “SATOL”. In the coming time and under expansion plans, we are in process of launching focussed Housekeeping Chemicals product range under brand name of “STENZA”.


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