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Tag Archives: Water Purification

Ground water purification A Necessity

The source for most of the domestic and industrial water the world over, is groundwater obtained through wells or springs. In its natural state, groundwater can usually be used without purification. But the contamination levels in India are very high, ... Read More »

Sari- Sun combination to purify dirty water

Scientists have found that dirty water can be sterilized and made drinkable by filtering through a folded cotton sari and then exposing it to sunlight for less than an hour. Nandini Nimbkar and Anil Rajvanshi of Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute ... Read More »

Choosing right cleaning agents

Acids to chemicals to bio-products – all cleaning agents are intended to clean, disinfect and sanitise. But lack of proper knowledge of the ingredients in each agent & their properties and also the amount to be used for different applications can very often prevent the cleaning processes from achieving optimum results. Mohana elaborates on the need for appropriate and efficient use of cleaning products. Read More »

The chlorine factor

Although chlorine is the cheapest disinfectant and still being used in most countries, free chlorine, if not removed or controlled, can lead to serious health hazards Read More »