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Waste Management

Sealing a Healthy Service Contract

A Service Agreement regulates the provision of services by a Service Provider to its Client. The terms and pricing of Service Agreement vary depending on the type and condition of building equipment, hours of operation (24 hours per day versus 12 hours per day), Client’s budget constraints and regional location. Due to the many variables, standard terms and conditions are generally nonexistent except for basic inspection-only contracts; and even with such inspection-only contracts, the size of the building and amount of equipment included for inspection will sometimes alter the terms and price of the standard Agreement.

Bringing up a professional company

Starting in a small way in 1999, CAERE Pvt Ltd, a Hyderabad based housekeeping services company, has completed 10 years of professional service. Prathibha and Christopher Blessing, the founders of this company have taken Caere across India with over 4000 employees, over 50 clients and with engagements in over 400 properties. The couple speak to Clean India Journal.

Maintaining the Nawabi Splendour!

ucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, sprawls over 3244 sq. km and has a population of about 35 lakhs. The city has the sizzling glamour of the Mughal empire and all the trappings of a fast paced city. How is this city with beautiful gardens and traditional markets maintained?

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