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Sustainable practices in Food Service Management

When looking through the lens of sustainability within the food service environment, there are myriad interrelated issues, ranging from local purchasing, to waste management, to energy conservation, to green building design. In order to sufficiently address any of these issues, food service managers and facility managers must take into account potential changes to operational processes, education and marketing needs, and processes for measuring costs and benefits. The guide on Sustainable Practices in the Food Service Environment designed by IFMA focuses primarily on inputs, operations and outputs. Areas addressed include responsible procurement, green buildings, energy conservation and waste stream management. Read More »

Cleanliness drive at Sabarimala

As many as 4389 sanitation volunteer have been deployed at the pilgrim centre for the intensive pre-pilgrimage cleaning operation at Sabarimala. Organisations like Mata Amrithanandamayi Madhom, Satya Sai Seva Sanghom, Nehru Yuva Kendra and National Service Scheme would be deploying ... Read More »

Fuel from kitchen waste!

An eco-friendly method to treat garbage may soon come your way. The biogas plant developed at the Integrated Rural Technology Centre (IRTC) can treat all kitchen waste produced in a house and turn it into biogas which can be used ... Read More »

Plasma Waste Disposal

There is a great and scorching problem in contemporary, fast growing society, namely creation of huge amount of noxious refuse, called municipal waste, which is more and more dangerous to natural environment that we belong to. All of these materials ... Read More »

Eco initiatives of Green Hotel

Marriott Hotel and Convention Centre, Pune, is the only hotel in Pune and in the Marriott chain to be awarded LEED Gold Certification by the Indian Green Building Council. Balan Paravantavida, General Manager, gives a brief account of the eco-friendly ... Read More »

Keeping city clean is a collective effort

In the recent years there is a significant shift in handling solid waste with Municipal Corporations across the country adopting various models of disposing and recycling waste. Pondicherry Corporation has successfully adopted door-to-door collection, transportation and processing model. Coimbatore Corporation has adopted house-to-house collection model and outsourced secondary collection and processing to private parties under PPP mode. In certain other cities, the processing has been outsourced on PPP basis. Besides waste collection, various technologies like composting, bio-methanation/gasification or high-temperature incineration and waste-to-energy are being used for waste management. For example, the service provider in Coimbatore Corporation had started with compost plant, now they are seeking permission to put up a waste-to-energy plant at their own cost. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike has forked out certain areas to be cleaned by sweeping machines. All Corporations are experimenting innovative methods to collect and treat waste. Ajit Patil, Secretary, Corporation of Cochin, in an exclusive interview with Clean India Journal, talks about how solutions to keep the city clean has been successfully implemented. Read More »

Women can make the difference at home

The Mysore City Corporation is targeting women to effectively handle the solid waste generated daily. The corporation took women leaders, including women corporators, to the sewage farm at Vidyaranyapuram, the city’s biggest waste management site and told them that the ... Read More »

Effluent Water Treatment

Effluent Water Treatment Industry today is coping with two water issues: quality and quantity. In many arid areas of the United States, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, water shortages due to drought and rising demand have put pressure on ... Read More »

MCGM plans towards sustainable, garbage-free city

Mumbai has been facing a solid waste management crisis for years. In order to move towards a sustainable future by adopting integrated solid waste management approach, the Solid Waste Management Department (SWMD) of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has joined hands with private contractors. The municipal corporation spends roughly र1160 per tonne on collection, transport and disposal of MSW. Collection and transport together constitute roughly 80% of the cost. In India, the average municipal expenditure on solid waste management is र500 to र1500 per tonne. B P Patil, Chief Engineer-SWM, MCGM, explains to Preeti Swaminathan the various projects lined up for integrated SWM. Read More »


From simple gravity filtration through sand to the membrane technologies of micro-filtration and ultra-filtration, filtration has remained the lynchpin of basic water treatment Read More »

MCC adopts Waste Management

In a bid to maintain good sanitation and clean surroundings, the Mysore City Corporation (MCC) is taking steps to establish ‘zero waste management’ units in all its 65 wards, and the responsibility for handling waste will be entrusted to Stree ... Read More »

Zero Waste: A Key Move towards a Sustainable Society

The Zero Waste strategy says no to incinerators, no to mega-landfills, no to the throwaway society and yes to a sustainable society. While it may sound like an idealistic goal, we can put it into a realistic time frame. We do not expect to reach zero waste next year, but we can anticipate that some communities could be very close to Zero Waste by 2020. Read More »

‘Green Leaf’ for Belgaum Corporation

City Corporation of Belgaum (CCB) has recently received the “Green Leaf Award” for the best municipal corporation for effective and scientific garbage disposal. The award constituted by Sukuki Exnora (Hyderabad) and assessed by ASCI (Administrative Staff College, of India), Hyderabad, ... Read More »

Keeping Kanpur Clean

In order to keep temples clean during the Vasanth Navratra period, the Kanpur Nagar Nigam along with students of CSMU, carried out cleanliness drive at Baradevi temple in Kanpur. The waste collected from temples has been converted into fertilizer to ... Read More »

Vrindavan waste drive

Tata Motors recently donated two garbage collection vans to the holy town of Vrindavan to clean up the garbage and sewage waste. Besides, Tata Motors has planned to give four more garbage collection vans (mini-dumpers) to the temple town. A ... Read More »

Sustainable Conversion of MSW

JITF Aquasource, the water management wing of the Jindal Group, has implemented a number of water and waste projects for municipal corporations and industries throughout the country. Allard M Nooy, CEO of JITF Water Infrastructure Ltd-JITF Aquasource, speaks to Clean India Journal about the waste-to-energy plant coming up at Timarpur-Okhla, New Delhi. Read More »

Water conservation through rainwater harvesting

RV College of Engineering, Bangalore, has over the past year collected and used close to 17 lakh litres of rainwater. This is the result of a project undertaken alongwith Bangalore based Biome Environmental, which is engaged in ecological architecture and ... Read More »

Waste to Fuel

" In fact, the day garbage gets identified with the resource, there will be different problem all together - how to get more garbage." Read More »

Graywater Reuse

Graywater can be defined as untreated domestic wastewater which has not come into contact with toilet or direct food waste. Typically, it is water coming from bathtubs, showers, sinks, laundry activities and similar water consuming systems. Not included are water discharges from toilets, kitchen sinks, disposers, dishwashers or laundry water from soiled diapers. These discharges are usually designated “blackwater”, primarily because of the potential presence of pathogenic microorganisms. Read More »

Tackling waste management issues

New Delhi based IL&FS Waste Management and Urban Services Limited has been given the task of submitting recommendations to tackle the waste management issue in the Kottayam Municipality in Kerala. An integrated scheme was prepared by the corporation which incorporates ... Read More »