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Over load or Under load?

When a towel is already wet after guest use, should the wetness be considered when loading the washer? If the towel is almost 60% moist after spin, should the load in the dryer be less than specified? Should the washer run at 100% capacity utilisation normally? Or should the machine run under load as the capacity printed on it says “maximum load capacity”? These and many other doubts of the laundry manager are being discussed in the second part of the Load Capacity article we published in the last issue.

Calculating Loads

Is the laundry machine capacity based on dry weight or wet weight? What is the recommended capacity for a machine to run at? Suppose a washing machine is of 60kg capacity, hard mount, what weight should we load towel into it? Similarly, in 50kg capacity dryer, how much towel should be loaded? These are probably a few questions that every laundry manager asks while operating the laundry machine. Kiran Raj Singh, Laundry Manager, Shangri-la’s - Eros Hotel, New Delhi raised the question on LinkedIn. The excerpts of the discussion will be featured in two parts. In this part, we will focus on calculating the capacity of the Washer and Dryer.

Should hotels have in-site laundry or outsource the services?

One emerging trend that has been noticed in the hospitality industry is outsourcing of laundry and now even the cleaning to cleaning contractors. Though good points weigh on both the sides – outsourcing / in-site, cleaning contractors will have greater opportunity to enter the hospitality market, be it for cleaning service or for laundry. Clean India Journal had carried an article on “Does it pay to outsource”, which was taken up for discussion on LinkedIn. Excerpts:

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