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BPW’s school hygiene programme

Best Practice Washrooms Pvt Ltd (BPW) has designed an “Importance of Hygiene programme” to spread awareness among school children. It has associated with the ‘Little More Club’ in Mumbai, a school known for combining learning with fun by way of ... Read More »

Smart Washroom – Hand Hygiene

Till swine flu panic gripped the world, washing hands was considered to be the best way to maintain personal hygiene and protect oneself from diseases. But as fear of the disease started spreading, the importance of hand sanitizers came to the fore. Clean India Journal explains why hand-sanitizers play a vital role in a Smart Washroom. Read More »

Smart Washrooms-Tissues

Second in the series on Smart Washroom, in this issue CIJ focuses on Tissues, the various kinds of tissues and their usage. Tissues enhance the hygiene factor as it is meant only for one time use, whether to wipe hands after using the toilet or the face after a wash. Toilet tissues, on the other hand, help clean the toilet seat before and after use, making it a hygienic experience for any user. Few of the industry experts share their view on the importance of tissues. Read More »

Soap Dispensers in Smart Washrooms

In the last couple of years, high tech washrooms with self rotating sanitized toilet seats, sensor based lighting systems, luxurious self-cleaning combination toilet bidet that warms up when in use, remote controlled hand-free motion sensor operations, music and built-in speakers have created waves world over. While many are awe-inspired by the improved washroom luxury, the pressing need for hygienic washrooms has led many others to adopt best practices which make a Smart Washroom possible. In a series, starting from this issue, CIJ will be carrying articles on what go into making a Smart Washroom. Smart washrooms are designed to meet the customer needs, says Matthew Wonnacott, Marketing Manager, Vectair Systems Inc. Such washrooms are a unique experience for the user. Having an automatic fragrance dispenser that only disperses a fragrance in a time interval that best meets the facilities ‘traffic’ would be considered smart – or a fully automated hand dryer that users do not have to touch to function, thus reducing the bacteria spreading to different surfaces is smart. Concisely put, “these washrooms are built with the latest technologies and are independent of manual intervention for maximum applications”, says Kartik Iyengar, Marketing Manager - Fabric Care & Personal Care, South Asia, Diversey India Pvt Ltd. Sensor based urinals or toilets which senses human presence and activates the flushing system, aesthetic looking tissue paper for face, hands & toilet, feminine hygiene bin for sanitary waste disposal, liquid hand wash dispensers with accurate dosing system, hand dryers… all make smart washrooms. Experts share below their views on soaps & dispensers and how it contributes to hygiene: Read More »

Workplace Washroom Woes

Tork of SCA Tissue Europe, UK, has in its report highlighted the general perceptions of washrooms at work. A study polled around 2,500 people in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Russia on their workplace washroom habits. Nearly half of ... Read More »


e-Toilets – Changing sanitation scenario in urban areas In the past, we have written about compost toilets, waterless urinals, and on portable toilets. And now, it’s the turn of e-toilet, that automatically cleans after every use, monitors the water levels ... Read More »

No-water systems and odour issues

While various toilet fixtures are being introduced for better cleaning of toilet, facility managers are yet to find ways to beat the odour resulting out of low-flow and no-flow systems. Read More »

Singapore too lacks clean toilets

Despite being a First World country, Singapore is struggling to provide basic amenities like clean toilets to its citizens. At the launch of the latest stage of its LOO campaign – Let’s Observe Ourselves – a local civic group felt ... Read More »

The untouched feel

Any toilet is more inviting to use when it gives that hygienic and untouched look right from the entry door to the closet. With increasing awareness and high public demand, building owners and facility managers are opting for touch-free options to ensure optimum sanitary hygiene. Read More »

Public Toilet Maintenance

When we ask “Why is the toilet dirty?” we trace its origin to many diverse and interrelated toilet issues, including design, behaviour, public health, social graciousness, cleaning skills and methods, building maintenance, accessibility, technologies, public education and even water. These ... Read More »

Sanidoor LLC – Open doors with The wave of a hand

With the advent of touch-free systems in the washroom hygiene sector, more and more gadgets are being introduced to eliminate cross contamination and spread of infection. The concept of touch-free toilet doors is fast catching on and Gale Lemerand, CEO ... Read More »

Designing Public Toilets

Public toilets are places where one is compelled to ease oneself in unfamiliar surroundings among strangers of the same sex. Therefore, the fundamental principles of the design of toilets include psychological studies and not just physical clearances and space requirement. ... Read More »

Design flaws & Restroom Cleaning

A basic guiding principle in understanding restroom cleaning is that almost all public restrooms have used designs and have been constructed with methods and materials that embody flaws that work against easy removal of microbial contamination. These flaws include – ... Read More »

Hygiene & Portable Toilets

Mobile toilets are not an end but a means to an end. A portable toilet service aspires to offer relief for people at construction sites, event sites, tourism sites and also in slums. Portable toilets are basically of two types. ... Read More »

CIJ celebrates World Toilet Day

Awareness programme on washroom hygiene organised School washroom and hygiene is an issue the cleaning industry is constantly experimenting with various solutions. It is not that children are not aware of washroom hygiene and basic cleanliness; in fact the children ... Read More »