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Calculating Food Hygiene Rating

A Food Business Operator’s (FBO’s) ultimate objective is producing delicious food to keep customers coming back and hence must never forget about procedures and rules mandated by FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Association of India). In line with the FSSAI ... Read More »

Mopping Contaminates Floors: Study

Study reports have revealed that conventional floor cleaning methods like mopping lead to gross contamination. In India, more than 99% of the cleaning jobs begin or end with mopping. Some cleaning professionals might be shocked to learn about the results ... Read More »

Cleaning Practices in Automobile Industry

Good housekeeping benefits everyone in the manufacturing process by creating a safe, clean and appealing surrounding. Automobile factories in general produce 3000-5000 cars per day. The facilities comprise of research centres, foundry, fabrication shop, machine shop, paint shop, assembly lines ... Read More »

Floorcare: Dos & Don’ts

Floors, be it a corporate office, hospital, hotel or manufacturing unit, are the most used and most contaminated and most dirty when not cleaned and maintained rightly. Here below are the dos and don’ts of floorcare suggested by Klinox Marketing. ... Read More »

Green Cleaning
The Gateway Taj-Ummed, Ahmedabad

Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environment friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. “The direction we are taking reflects our commitment to making choices appropriate to our environment and our future. We ... Read More »

Industrial Vacs Performances

The dust levels in industries like automotive, restoration, chemical, pharmaceutical, asbestos, wood, plastics, electrical, metal and others require specific industrial vacuum cleaners for different applications. The performance of the vacuum is actually determined by the air flow rate (lt/s) and ... Read More »

Chemicals to Combat HAI

The medical care industry in India has grown multifold and upgraded its facilities by providing a clean environment or even a five star hospital experience to its patients. But to what level have hospitals upgraded their cleaning programme is a ... Read More »

Flexible Cleaning with High Pressure

High pressure cleaner, one of the most common cleaning machines of today, possesses flexible methods of cleaning and has the most varied applications. Flexible, as it can clean components, cars, machines, equipment and buildings from the inside or outside, vertically ... Read More »

Designing an efficient CIP program

“It is inevitable that Asian manufacturers will need to transform their operations to keep pace with market forces through greater automation and technology adoption.” Speaking to Clean India Journal, Anand Patel, Marketing Manager-Beverage & Brewing Sector and F&B Training Coordinator, ... Read More »

Exercising good housekeeping practices

Cleanliness is important for health and wellbeing. Housekeeping is the department that deals essentially with cleanliness, all ancillary services attached and effectively reduces the emissions, wastes and operational costs with higher productivity. An easy and low cost method for reducing ... Read More »

Clean More With Less

According to the Global Industry Analysts Inc., the global market for industrial and institutional (I&I) cleaning products is projected to exceed US$52 billion by the year 2018, with the increase in demand for these in food and dairy processing sectors. ... Read More »

Streamlining factory cleaning

Ten building blocks of successful rationalisation programmes Increasing pressure of competition intensifies the pressure to continue developing technical infrastructure services for production and logistics facilities in an efficiency-oriented way. With improvement concepts in mind, facilities managers take a special interest ... Read More »

Concealing the ceiling – No More

In this competitive world, having a productive working facility is critical. As a CEO or a Manager, you may have brought in new technology, latest computers, or made sure the pantry is stocked with quality food and drink. But it is highly probable that you may have overlooked one area that directly impacts the product and productivity – the ceiling! Read More »

Cleaning Insulated Facades

A variety of factors negatively impact the building façade’s appearance year on year. That makes it essential for property owners to clean building exteriors at regular intervals. This requires professional methods, modern equipment and cleaning agents, especially for cleaning heat-insulated rendered or timber-clad facades. Read More »

Sustainable practices in Food Service Management

When looking through the lens of sustainability within the food service environment, there are myriad interrelated issues, ranging from local purchasing, to waste management, to energy conservation, to green building design. In order to sufficiently address any of these issues, food service managers and facility managers must take into account potential changes to operational processes, education and marketing needs, and processes for measuring costs and benefits. The guide on Sustainable Practices in the Food Service Environment designed by IFMA focuses primarily on inputs, operations and outputs. Areas addressed include responsible procurement, green buildings, energy conservation and waste stream management. Read More »