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An advanced tool for comprehensive surface cleaning

Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge — one of the first women’s specialty hospitals in the US — has invested in the Clorox Total 360 system in its effort to protect its patients from contagious bacteria, viruses and healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). ... Read More »

Understanding Chemicals in Surface Cleaning

Commonly in India, housekeepers identify cleaning chemicals for various applications either through their brand or the code number on the bottle. This has been a convenient approach, as it is easy to remember and there is less scope of an ... Read More »

T1, T2, T3… Rising Challenges of Indian Cleaning Industry

About 150 cleaning machines, more than a 100 cleaning tools, gallons of cleaning agents, a dozen service providers, over 1500 cleaning workers… these and more are collectively engaged in maintaining the massive structure of the Terminal 3 at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. In spite of the organisational difficulties like budgetary constraints, equipment limitations, manpower inadequacies and above all passenger indifference, the cleaning industry is gearing up to see that T3 could be kept as clean as it is today. An exclusive report by Mohana M. Read More »

Challenges of rug cleaning

Surface cleaning techniques have limitations and problems that contribute to Oriental rug retailers, appraisers and collectors identifying them as harmful to use on hand woven rugs. In-home surface cleaning generally avoids the two most important steps in the cleaning process ... Read More »