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Model: Chemicals — Pine Oil, Dipentene, Anthamber Tops, DHM Tops, Turpentine Oil, Residues, Fragrances, Camphor Oil, IBA, Anthamber FG, DHM FG, Geraniol FG, Linalool, Fabric Softener, Fabric Care Chemicals, Hard Surface Cleaners Raw Material, Dishwash Chemicals Features • Polymers for ... Read More »

On Track with Natural Stone

Amongst all flooring materials, none is more elegant and luxurious than natural stone. Common natural stone floors include slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite, and sandstone with a slight variance in properties. Natural stone flooring in residences, offices, or even in ... Read More »

Go Green Factors

Hopping at double digit pace, laundry practices in India can no more be surreptitious with no accountability of water and energy consumption. According to an MIT survey, 25% of the global laundry players have accepted that the adoption of sustainable ... Read More »

Sustainable Textile Care

The article summarises the benefits of using Xeros bead cleaning technology when applied to textile care. Along with the results for cleaning performance, and the impact of beads on fabric lifetime, the low environmental impact of using beads versus water ... Read More »

Stain Removal in Hotel & Hospital Linen

In the hospitality and healthcare sectors, linen is one important item with which guests come in contact directly. It should look good and also be well maintained for longevity. If properly handled, linen management can set even an economy lodging ... Read More »

Sales reflect Passion, Quality & Affordability

With over 100 years of experience of developing, manufacturing and distributing cleaning consumables, Seitz, GmbH has joined hands with its exclusive Indian distributor-Simran Technologies – forming a JV, Seitz India (P) Ltd – to make its high quality German products ... Read More »

Q & A

How do you remove lotion stains on bath towels? An emulsifying laundry detergent in multiple baths should help in the removal of the lotion/oil stains. With cotton textiles, additional concentration of alkali will help pull oil out of the fabric. ... Read More »

Identification and treating fabric STAINS

Three criteria assist in identifying the most commonly known types of stains and classify them accordingly. Type of edge Feel Colour Type of Edge We distinguish between strong, clearly defined edges of the stains and less clearly defined stain area, ... Read More »

Identification of stains & treatment

Almost all fibres can be identified by appropriate tests. However, it is not possible for the launderer to apply all the methods. Again identifying and removing stains from textiles are the most difficult tasks in a laundry. Stain Identification Three ... Read More »