Monday , 25 May 2020
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Robotic cleaning of Hotel Beds

A recent report about an innovative Bot that could cleanse the bacteria from the hotel room is highly interesting. It is true that we spend time in sanitizing hands, floors, bathrooms… to extensively annul the bacteria. CleanseBot is a portable ... Read More »

Ergonomics and Efficiency Handling Mops & Machines

At an era where we speak about robotic cleaning, much of the work even today is accomplished with tools and equipment operated by the cleaner or housekeeper or ‘a professional skilled worker’ or even the popular safai karamchari (municipal worker). ... Read More »

Dr Ilham Kadri’s Recipe of Success

You have had a successful journey in Diversey. What is it that Ilham Kadri has in her that has brought her this far? Since day one, the strategy has been the same and nothing has changed. It is like the ... Read More »