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Tag Archives: Recycling

The Therminator The End of India’s Thermocol Waste

Despite being a highenergy, plastic product, thermocol waste is hardly ever collected and recycled in India. The Therminator is a machine that converts thermocol into a form which can be easily transported, thus promoting its collection and recycling. After Bangalore-based ... Read More »

New tie-up for vehicle recycling

Maruti Suzuki and Toyota Tsusho Group have announced an equal joint venture, Maruti Suzuki Toyotsu India (MSTI), for vehicle dismantling and recycling. The venture will set up its vehicle dismantling and recycling unit in Noida in 2020-21 and will add ... Read More »

Reverse Vending Machine in Delhi High Court

Spark Minda Foundation, (SMF) as part of its CSR in collaboration with Rotary club, Panchshila Park, Delhi has installed a unique waste recycling machine in Delhi High Court. The initiative is to curb plastic pollution in the city and promote ... Read More »

Policies and Issues of Waste to Energy

Dr Dilip Boralkar, Former Member Secretary, Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, highlighted the hazards of unscientific management of Municipal Solid Waste all over India and particularly with reference to about 2000 TPD to 10,000 TPD at Pune and Mumbai Municipal Corporations ... Read More »

Filmop’s world-first metal-free trolley

Filmop, Italy, launches the very first metal-free multipurpose cleaning trolley, which can enter into magnetic resonance areas easily. The alpha metal free trolley, with its plastic wheels and plastic support, has been designed for use in areas where no magnetisable ... Read More »

Developing ISWM for Smart Cities

Waste generation will increase with growing population and economic development. Improperly managed solid waste pose a high risk to human health and the environment. Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) is a comprehensive mix of waste recycling, treatment with scientific disposal ... Read More »

Centre to start Ganga surface cleaning in January 2016

Centre will start the surface cleaning of Ganga river in January, 2016. Initially, removal of solid waste will be undertaken including dead body parts and clothes. Shashi Shekhar, Secretary, Water Resources Ministry, said, “The entire cleaning procedure has been divided ... Read More »

Technology & Training for Sustainability

Nothing sends a stronger message than cleanliness in the hospitality industry. No level of service, friendliness or glamour can equal the ‘feel good’ experience a guest gets upon entering a spotless, tidy and conveniently arranged room. With 27 years of ... Read More »

e-Giants Getting compliant to 2011 e-waste rules

When more than 90% of the e-waste disposal is being done informally and informal players are giving more cash back facility as against the formal e-waste recyclers, it is tough to implement the e-waste 2011 policy. What are the challenges? ... Read More »

Hierarchy of Sustainable Waste Management

The original hierarchy of waste management addresses Reducing, Reusing, Recycling of waste, Aerobic and Anaerobic Composting, Waste-to-Energy and Sanitary Landfilling. For the specific purpose of this study, “Unsanitary Landfilling and Open Burning” has been added to represent the indiscriminate dumping ... Read More »

Furniture from junk!

Robert Maier, an exchange student from Germany at NID, owns a study table made of junk. Maier collects junk from everyday life like scraps, waste materials, broken chair, plastic ropes and old signage cardboards lying in the campus to develop ... Read More »

Eco-friendly Group

How to put idle time to its best use can be learned from six Mumbai based housewives. The ladies formed an environment friendly group called ‘Are you reducing, reusing, recycling?’, also known as RUR, two years ago. The group has ... Read More »

India: Turning Old into Gold

More and more individuals and organisations are practising the concept of recycling in their everyday lives. Discarding the largely western culture of use-and-throw, many are now into using and reusing products. Worn-out clothes or ill-fitting shoes need not land in ... Read More »

Recycling, most effective

A recent report by the UK government reiterates the fact that recycling is the most effective way of disposing off waste. The UK government’s waste and packaging agency, Wrap, analysed seven different materials: paper and cardboard, plastics, biopolymers, food, garden ... Read More »

E-waste Auction

In an effort to generate some money from its electronic waste, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to auction it. Under this scheme, fused bulbs, discarded computers, compact discs (CDs), floppy drives, keyboards, etc., will be collected from ... Read More »

Green Floor Pads

Americo floor pads showcased by Domadia Buscon, a trading company based in Hyderabad, at Clean India Pulire 2009, are made out of 100% recycled polyester material with a minimum 80% post consumer waste. “Primary sources of these materials are recycled ... Read More »