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Using Apps in Professional Cleaning

More and more cleaning operations are being run on-site with the help of digital apps, which can offer a wide range of management information including quality auditing, daily reports, instant reporting and staff time & attendance. A developer of the ... Read More »

Wet Wash – Future of Indian Laundry

Wet washing and cleaning refers to methods of professional cleaning that, in contrast to traditional dry cleaning, avoids use of chemical and solvents. It does not use hazardous chemicals and is widely accepted in developed countries and is not a ... Read More »

Untapped Market for Professional Cleaning

Uttar Pradesh has always been in the forefront in the area of industrial development. During the 10th, 11th and 12th Five Year Plan, the industrial growth rate was 9.4, 11.8 & 10.9% respectively. To meet the challenges and target GSDP, ... Read More »


How many housekeepers should be deployed to service 50,000sqft area of a university or school? For an area of 50,000sqft, we must first decide the activities and frequency. If it has clear floor area of roughly 35,000sqft, and considering it ... Read More »

Importance of Professional Manual Cleaning

No doubt cleaning machines provide the ultimate cleaning solutions, but professional manual cleaning tools play an equally importance role for effective cleaning operations, says Sunil Puri, Partner, Galileo Associates Read More »

Total Solutions-Dusters merger

In a market where big is increasingly better, the move by brothers Shamsher Puri and Jasmer Puri to merge their companies, Dusters Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, and Total Solutions Facility Management Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, respectively, is aimed at consolidation ... Read More »