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Puducherry to ban single-use plastic

With a state-wide plastic ban in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry is taking similar steps to ban the production, sale and use of single-use plastic products in the Union Territory from March 1, 2019. This was revealed by Chief Minister – V ... Read More »

The 4th R – REFRAIN from using PLASTIC

Throwing a plastic bottle out of a moving car or bus has been an age-old habit which still exists even among the elite and the educated. Such indiscreet acts of disposing off plastic have led to a life-threatening pollution, forcing ... Read More »

Editor’s Page September 2018

When we talk of cleanliness and hygiene, the term is of great significance when applied to the current situation in Kerala where thousands of houses, relief camps and public places have to be cleaned up. Over 10 lakh people who ... Read More »

Let’s end plastic pollution together

When plastic broke onto the scene in 1907, it was revolutionary and quickly became a significant part of our day-to-day lives; altering everything from how we eat, shop or even travel. But, we collectively overlooked how damaging plastic is for ... Read More »

The ‘magical’ plastic

Plastic, a major pollutant due to its nondegradable properties, is yet an essential product that is widely used. However, new ecofriendly technological developments available globally, are now being made available in India too. HPL Additives Ltd, a premium player in ... Read More »

On the front foot to effect change

Addressing Waste Our agricultural fields are polluted by the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and manure. Also, the calcium carbonate that we use in today’s tooth pastes is what makes ground water harder and harder. Only 10% of the chemicals ... Read More »

Plastic ruins Goa

Goa drowns in unmanageable plastic waste even after passing of law that empowers police to raid plastic manufacturers, handlers, etc. of plastic below 40 microns. The garbage managers and environmentalists in Goa have been raising the issue of lax enforcement ... Read More »

Dirt busting enzymes for cleaning power

Scientists are reporting development and successful testing of a way to reuse – hundreds of times – the expensive, dirt-busting enzymes that boost the cleaning power of laundry detergents and powdered bleaches that now disappear down the drain. The discovery ... Read More »