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Tag Archives: Pest Control

Palava City Maintenance through Participative Governance

The Association ensures the uninterrupted services for stable power & water supply, city security, internal & external transport, housekeeping & waste Management, horticulture, customer care and liaising with different government departments for formulation of city policies and providing highquality but ... Read More »

Pest control market to reach US$28.6bn by 2026

Persistence Market Research states in a new report titled, ‘Global market study on pest control products and services that North America is expected to be the most attractive regional market’. It predicts that the global pest control products and services ... Read More »

Harvesting housekeeping challenges

In my 18 years of tenure in housekeeping in hotels & resorts, I have managed to provide clean, hygienic and safe environment with luxury to guests as a top priority,” says Jagdish Deval, Manager Housekeeping, Madhubhan Resort & Spa, Anand ... Read More »

Creating Synergies with Pest Experts

While keeping pest under control is an integral part of any food processing industry, working in synergy with a pest expert paves the way to effective pest management. Clean India Journal takes a tour of two Chennai-based food processing units that are being serviced by Rentokil Initial Read More »

Preventive measure in pest control

The most disturbing news flashed recently in the world dailies of rodents feasting on a new born twin in a Rawalpindi hospital in Pakistan was horrifying but unfortunately this is not the first time! Many such incidents go unreported too. ... Read More »

Need for ongoing IPM in Food Processing

Food processing industry by its very nature is susceptible to attacks from various pests. The entire chain of processing from raw material to the finished product which reaches the end consumer is critical and needs to be evaluated for pest hot spots. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the way to deal with the management of pests in this industry. By addressing the underlying causes of pest infestations – access to food, water and shelter – IPM can prevent infestation before pesticides are even considered. Read More »

Rentokil acquires pest companies in UAE

In order to revolutionise the industry’s standards in the UAE both in terms of the technology being used and service excellence, Rentokil made its first acquisition in the Middle East region by acquiring the commercial and residential pest control business ... Read More »

Pest Control versus Pesticides

Today, most of the people are familiar with the ‘Pest Control gentleman’ who regularly visits homes, offices, facilities or factories and sprays pesticides all over. But this process is not only ineffective after a point in time, but also harmful ... Read More »

Online system for pest control

PestNetOnline by Rentokil is an online reporting application designed to enable organizations to review the status of their pest control 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across multiple sites. The company has introduced four tiers to the service ... Read More »

HMCD’s pre-monsoon plans for mosquito menace

The health department of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has recalled all its domestic breeding checkers to deal with the menace of Culex mosquitoes and spray anti-larval insecticides at breeding sites. This mosquito breeds in dirty water; especially in ... Read More »

Pest Control firm donates cockroaches!

More than 1,000 Madagascar hissing cockroaches will be given to elementary schools and children’s organisations in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to increase interest in science and promote entomology. Detroit based Rose Pest Solutions will donate live insects, plastic habitats and ... Read More »

Outsourcing Facility Services:Price, the Deciding Factor?

Cost, no doubt, determines the choice of a facility service provider. However, the influence of intrinsic bargaining, competitive rate offers and other elements have turned price into a deciding factor in finalising the service provider. Mohana M discusses this with Client Companies and FM Contractors who outsource maintenance services. Read More »

Professional cleaning yet to take off in Indian Bakeries

Though automation in production processes has evolved in the bakeries in terms of ovens and other sophisticated equipment, automation in cleaning is yet to take off. Inadequate infrastructure, high investment required for equipment & space, labour intensive processes and lack of awareness about FSSAI Act amongst the baker community are the main issues, reports Shardul Nautiyal. Read More »

SC Johnson acquisition plans

SC Johnson, the $9-billion US-headquartered firm that owns brands such as Baygon, Mr Muscle floor cleaner, Kiwi shoe polish and Ziploc bags, is keen on acquisitions in Indian market. The company, which is a leader in the liquid vaporiser segment ... Read More »

Ants as Pest

Ants are everywhere and occupy a great variety of habitats, with more than 12,000 known species worldwide. These creatures, are an important and indispensable part of our ecosystem. However, with growing anthropogenic activities, some of the ants have emerged as ... Read More »

Terminix – SIS Joint Venture

Terminix, America’s largest pest control provider, has entered into a joint venture with Security and Intelligence Services (India) Ltd to serve both residential and commercial segments. Terminix and SIS will bring several decades of experience to this JV. Terminix will ... Read More »

Southern Railway to focus on cleanliness

The Southern Railway (SR) has decided to pay more attention to cleanliness and maintenance of the coaches by engaging authorised service agencies, including the private players in pest control who would regularly be maintaining the coaches. Besides, the SR would ... Read More »