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Interview with: Hartmut Jenner, Win your brand before you build your brand

Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG, a leading cleaning equipment manufacturer, has completed 75 years this year. Innovation has been the driving force of the company all way through, said Hartmut Jenner, CEO & Chairman of the Management Board. He spoke to Clean India Journal at Karcher’s booth at ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam. While Karcher’s compact BR 30/4 C scrubber-drier won the CMS Purus innovation award in Berlin last September, its BD 50/40 RS scrubber-drier won the top award in Amsterdam in the ‘Machine, Accessories and Components’ category.

Choosing the right equipment

Contract cleaning business has increased manifold in India over the last five years. With that the demand for cleaning equipment of different types and sizes, to suit the nature of the cleaning or maintenance work. Cleaning can be especially difficult in large airports, railways & bus stations, hospitals, food manufacturing plants, restaurants, retail stores, schools and numerous industrial facilities and sites. Cleaning service contractors need to know how to identify the category of equipment required and also then to pick up the right one from the entire range available with the equipment supplier. Cleaning equipment are expensive and the important thing is to get the best result with limited investment. Clean India Journal requested a few equipment suppliers to throw light on the criteria to select the commonly used cleaning machines.

Indian Cleaning Industry:Towards Collective Action

The Indian Cleaning Industry, after its dramatic take off a few years back has been witnessing an annual growth of over 40%. Yet, the present volatile market conditions bring to the forefront some of the key issues which need to be collectively addressed to keep the momentum of growth. Recently, Clean India Journal facilitated a special Indian Cleaning Industry Meet which triggered a healthy debate...

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