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Tuesday , 21 January 2020
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Kibble Enterprises Looking at European Markets

Kibble has come a long way since its inception. What is the story behind the success? Manifestation. Kibble was established as a small trading unit in 2004 with minimum resources, limited client base and a dream to serve the world ... Read More »

Kibble Enterprises Housekeeping Tools

HOUSEKEEPING IN hotel premises is an uphill task and Kibble Enterprises is working closely with its valued customers with an integrated supply of smart manual cleaning systems to earn a reputation for high product quality, quick response, and professional approach. ... Read More »

Big Event, Big Business

Middle East Cleaning Technology Week has provided a wonderful platform for professionals like us from South Africa, where we confront issues very similar to that are faced by the cleaning industry in the MENA region”, said Chreeson Moodley, Marketing Director, ... Read More »

Ifs and buts of Make in India

“Made in Germany, Made in Italy, Made in China… almost every other country’s product is now available in India. Thanks to Indian passion for international makes and preference for ‘everything foreign’. Yet standing tall in this largely supplier-driven market are ... Read More »

Multipurpose Trolley

Kibble Greatmaid from Kibble Enterprises is a Chambermaid Trolley specially designed for providing a complete solution of cleaning as well as changing of laundry in a hotel room. It is a multipurpose cart that is highly modular. It can be ... Read More »

Cleaning BRUSHES are critical too

The quality and strength of cleaning brushes differ in different applications. If there are strong bristle brushes for hard surface cleaning, there are softer, bigger and smaller ones for other applications. In fact, there are several brushes for one particular application. It is said there are over 1000 brushes for cleaning alone! How can one ascertain which brush is for which cleaning? Shardul Nautiyal asks the experts. Read More »


The implementation of good cleaning practices is a key to good hygiene. By adding colour to cleaning tools, one can not only clean better but also prevent cross contamination and promote hygiene standards. Read More »

Cost effective injection moulds

Kibble Enterprises is among the first to introduce precision quality regular consumables through injection moulds in India. Anjana Vij, Director, Kibble Enterprises, told Clean India Journal that there is a big market of these consumables in India. “All plastic components ... Read More »

Messy toilets during rains

Toilet maintenance is one of the toughest in housekeeping, especially during monsoon. Toilets become rather dirty & untidy and demand more attention. Water on floor, dirty washbasins and WCs are a common sight. The WC, urinals, grouts of the tiles, ... Read More »