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Clean Building Envelope

The buildings of today now have complicated designs with extensive glass and metal facades that present a unique challenge in its maintenance. Suhag Khemlani, Deputy Managing Director of Clean India Group, talks on how each building demands, personalised maintenance solutions, specific to the needs of the structure. While the group’s engineering company Cradle Runways (I) Pvt Ltd provides systems for accessing all kinds of facades, the Technoclean (I) Pvt Ltd is the largest national provider of façade cleaning and maintenance services.

Care for flexible floor coverings

Professional, systematic cleaning & care greatly helps prolong the life of a floor covering and is one of the principal responsibilities of contract cleaners. This applies especially to deep cleaning and/or de-coating flexible floor coverings. There are two methods of doing this, differing according to the machine used and the time required.

Industrial Vacs in food industries

A range of cleaning equipment, products, services and machineries is required to maintain clean and hygienic workplace environment right from the raw material entry area to the final finished product / packaging areas in the food processing and beverage industry.

Trends in Scrubber-drier

Carpeted floors are still very popular. Apart from hotels, even commercial buildings at many places are carpeted. Carpeted floors guarantee high non-slip properties and help reduce sound levels but require efficient and systematic modern cleaning methods if they are to be maintained attractive, clean and bacteria free.


Wooden floors require careful cleaning and care. Firstly, because woods vary widely in hardness and handling properties depending on their origin, age and grain structure; and secondly, because it is subjected to different degrees of wear and tear in different locations.

Healthy & High Performance Cleaning Programme

Traditional dusting and mopping techniques frequently displace dust and other contaminants from one area to another. It’s a mere waste of time and labour in using such tools. Moreover, dust displaced in the air also affects people working in that environment. Healthy High Performance Cleaning (HHPC) is a comprehensive approach that helps attain safe, healthy, high performing facilities.

Bus terminus maintenance

While mechanised cleaning has helped keep high traffic areas clean, many of the bus service providers are yet to adopt them. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) in an initiative taken two years back outsourced cleaning services and today boasts of clean bus terminuses.

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