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IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd.

Model: Industrial Vacuum Cleaner (IPC-GS-2-50-Opt Oil) – For Metal Scraps and OilApplications: • Oil and scraps recovery, separation • Resistant to abrasion • Highest vacuum with ‘Flow Mix system’ for Higher Suction and Air Flow • Stainless steel structure • ... Read More »

Oil & Chips Recovery Industrial Vac

Astol Cleantech Pvt Ltd offers A- OILVAC 60 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Oil and Chips Recovery Features • Oil and chips recovery industrial vacuum with independent discharge pump the most powerful industrial vacuum in its range Big sieve basket grid for ... Read More »

Smart Disinfection System

While preparing mops the day before usage, a high risk of bacterial infection may occur. With IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s SDS™ system IPC BRIX SDS™, the impregnation is instantaneous and ready to use. The automated dosage system of detergent ... Read More »

T1, T2, T3… Rising Challenges of Indian Cleaning Industry

About 150 cleaning machines, more than a 100 cleaning tools, gallons of cleaning agents, a dozen service providers, over 1500 cleaning workers… these and more are collectively engaged in maintaining the massive structure of the Terminal 3 at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. In spite of the organisational difficulties like budgetary constraints, equipment limitations, manpower inadequacies and above all passenger indifference, the cleaning industry is gearing up to see that T3 could be kept as clean as it is today. An exclusive report by Mohana M. Read More »

RGS India to start local production

The RGS India, started in 2007 at Bangalore under the name of RGS Vacuum System Pvt. Ltd, has been marketing in India products from its parent comapny RGS Impianti, Italy, which specialises in manufacturing of industrial vacuum cleaner, centralised vacuum ... Read More »