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Healthy School Environment

There is a direct connection between environmental quality, comfort, health and wellbeing, positive attitudes and behaviour and higher levels of educational performance. It is based on the premise that children have a right to basic facilities such as school toilets, ... Read More »

Cleanliness & Hygiene in Schools:Raising Questions

With the mushrooming of international schools in India, the level of awareness on cleanliness and hygiene at schools has improved to some extent. However, despite the availability of essential cleaning machines, chemicals and professional services in the market, providing a ... Read More »

Clean Toilets

Lack of hygiene, few numbers and inconvenient locations are reasons why women refrain from using public conveniences in the Capital. With the approaching Commonwealth Games, however, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is set to change all that. The civic ... Read More »

Improving infrastructure for tourism

Tourist inflow along with foreign exchange earnings has grown over the past years in India but the tourism destinations have been neglected. This calls for immediate revamp of these destinations along with conservation of ecology and environment. In a recent forum, M A Haque, Director, Ministry of Environment & Forests presented paper on the factors retarding the growth of tourism industry in India Excerpts: Read More »

Sustainability through rural tourism

A well-executed rural tourism project involving the local communities has the potential of becoming a win-win proposition both for the tourists and the villagers. Shaam-e-Sarhad, a highly successful resort in Gujarat, is a masterpiece in rural tourism. Read More »

Taking pride in cleanliness

Cleanest City: I am proud of the city I live in. Being a well planned city, Chandigarh is one of the cleaner cities in India. And that is because the residents of Chandigarh take pride in their city and take ... Read More »

It is all about Infrastructure and money

– India has made tremendous progress on economic front, in infrastructure, industries, healthcare and tourism. But when it comes to awareness about cleanliness and hygiene, we are still lagging behind and we blame it on our country’s increasing population. – ... Read More »

Indian restaurant fined

Newent Tandoori, a popular Indian restaurant on Broad Street at Newent in the UK, has been fined £1,650 for not maintaining proper hygiene. When environmental health officers from the Forest of Dean District Council inspected the restaurant last year, they ... Read More »

Hygiene in kitchen’s back areas

To achieve appropriate levels of hygiene in the food preparation areas, cleaning practices, equipment cleaning, sanitation programme and training needs should be integrated into the establishment’s work practices Read More »

Bhutan – On the world map of happiness

The land where the dragons watch over the cultural heritage… the King ensures a clean surrounding… earns the fame of the last Shangri-La… the untouched Bhutan, has succeeded in preserving its surroundings despite infrastructural growth Read More »

Maintaining indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is a growing concern. Whether battling allergic reactions or fighting germs and viruses to prevent other illnesses, indoor air plays a significant role in people’s overall health. There are many common biological air contaminants that trigger asthma ... Read More »

World Toilet Summit & Expo 2009

Singapore recently hosted a highly successful World Toilet Summit & Expo on the theme: ‘Creating the blueprint for a sustainable sanitation marketplace’. The three-day summit which had over 50 eminent speakers, also had an exhibition of the latest sanitation technology. ... Read More »

Why mechanisation?

Cleaning as such involves three kinds of activities – sweeping, mopping and washing. Sweeping with a broom displaces dust which settles down again; mopping does not remove spills or sticky substances from the surface and leaves the floor wet; and washing manually does not remove all stains. Manual cleaning cannot give the desired results. The right use of cleaning parameters – manpower, machine, accessories, water, chemical, right temperature and time – yield best results. Read More »

The fall of the ‘bottle’

Around 40,000 pet bottles strewn artistically fall from atop the 11-storey MET building in Bandra west… a symbolic conviction of people to relinquish the use of plastic. This and many more such installations around this vibrant suburb, conveyed the message ... Read More »

Innovation Awards

ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam has announced it will organise its eighth Innovation Award in April 2010. The award will be given to the best innovation in professional cleaning anywhere in the world and the last date for entering the contest is January ... Read More »

Need for self awareness

Cleanest places in the world: Most of the European countries are clean, pristine and very well maintained. In India, Konkan stretch (Maharashtra) is worth visiting, because it is still unexploited by us (humans) and has managed to retain its old ... Read More »