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Educating Consumers on Hygiene

Compromising on hygiene can have an adverse effect on the health of employees, especially paper tissues or towels. Educating customers on the need for using the right hygiene products is essential, says Arun Jatia, Director, Pudumjee Group. People have become ... Read More »

Poor Kid’s Bearer Bonds

With free market financial incentives and government providing options, the litter around us can get less and less, says Alford Hardy, Hardy Asset Management Consulting, Savannah, Georgia I am an asset manager who deals mostly with medical equipment and systems. ... Read More »

Toilets Galore

The Andhra Pradesh government has chalked out plans to construct 10 lakhs toilets per year at the cost of र10,000 per toilet. The State has done well in implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme by providing jobs ... Read More »

Hygiene Awareness

The social service cell of The Faculty of Management Studies in Delhi launched a social awareness campaign with the aim to sensitize people towards proper hygiene, cleanliness and health. The students separated in groups and cleaned the roads and lanes ... Read More »

Fight Encephalitis

The Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation has allocated additional र525 crore in 2012-2013 to the states which have Japanese Encephalitis and Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (JE/AES) affected high priority districts. Rural Development Minister and the Minister of Drinking Water and ... Read More »

Beating dirt with High-pressure Washers

In the automotive sector they enable effective cleaning of engines, chassis and small parts as well as vehicle surfaces. You usually find pressure washers, especially the stationary type, where hygiene is of prime importance – in swimming baths, hospitals or ... Read More »

Educating the customer about quality

Having created a niche in equipment related to Extrusion, Satellite Plastic Industries has established its brush making machines with the evolving cleaning industry, Rajiv Sanghavi, Director, shares his views on value for money products and customer education with Clean India Journal Read More »

Hygiene in Housekeeping

In common parlance hygiene in housekeeping denotes general care, cleanliness, orderliness and maintenance of business property. But hygiene is much more than just maintenance of premises. Clean India Journal speaks to some experts in the hospitality and other industries, where hygiene in housekeeping plays a very important role. Read More »

Gandhigiri’ Cleaning

In order to persuade the people not to defecate in the open and to educate people about hygiene and cleanliness, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to use ‘gandhigiri.’Special groups called ‘toka-taki’ will be formed in the rural areas which ... Read More »

Nilfisk-CFM launches a new range of industrial vacuums

Nilfisk-CFM has launched a range of four new industrial vacuum machines for customised applications in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, packaging and OEMs segments. Equipped with hygiene, safety, silence and reliability features, the industrial vacuums enable efficient dust collection. Model VHW310, on-board ... Read More »

Public Restroom-A high risk environment

From an environmental health scientist’s point of view, a restroom, in particular a public restroom is a high risk environment. That’s because, at its most basic level, the restroom is essentially a bio-hazardous waste transfer station. In more graphic terms, ... Read More »

Mechanised cleaning for Manmad depot

Central Railway at Manmad is planning to outsource dry sweeping, cleaning and watering of train at Manmad Depot for a period of three years. The contractor will clean 70080 coaches within this stipulated period. Parivesh Sahu from DRM Office, Central ... Read More »

New ‘two flies’ rule for Beijing toilets

To improve the Chinese capital’s unpleasant public lavatories, the Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment has introduced new regulations for public lavatories stipulating that they should contain no more than two flies. The new rules also include standards ... Read More »

Young cleaning envoys

Tatanagar’s best friend and worst critic – Chotanagpur Passengers’ Association hopes to help the station, trains and tracks stay clean with the help of children. The outfit, which represents the interests of over 50 lakh passengers, has roped in school ... Read More »

Akshay Patra leveraging innovation and automation to deliver Hygienic Food

The Akshay Patra programme, the world’s largest school meal programme of a non-governmental organization, recently got an entry into the Limca Book of Records for providing hot meals to more than 1.3 million children at 800 schools, across 18 locations in eight states of India. The organisation owes a lot to its hi-tech and hygienic kitchens for the success. Read More »

Sowing the seeds for sanitation

In order to revamp poor sanitation facilities, women in Kanpur have teamed up with Water Aid and Shramik Bharti to build and maintain community toilets. Under this project, they will be conducting training programmes in mobilisation, campaign and grievance redressal ... Read More »

Toilet Missing

According to the Union Rural Development Ministry, there are more than 8.71 crore latrines in households across villages in 607 districts built over the past one decade under its Total Sanitation Campaign. However the official records show that around 3.5 ... Read More »

Professional cleaning yet to take off in Indian Bakeries

Though automation in production processes has evolved in the bakeries in terms of ovens and other sophisticated equipment, automation in cleaning is yet to take off. Inadequate infrastructure, high investment required for equipment & space, labour intensive processes and lack of awareness about FSSAI Act amongst the baker community are the main issues, reports Shardul Nautiyal. Read More »