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A solution to Waste Woes

The Catalytic Low Temperature Thermolysis Process of Pragmatec & Pyro-Kat Pyro-Kat plants are suitable for all types of waste and hazardous waste, such as household waste, industrial waste, hospital waste, plastics, used tires, manure, waste from slaughterhouses, sewage sludge, oil ... Read More »

Bio medical waste management in Kerala

Campaign to curb environmental pollution in Kerala was mostly limited to some couplets from poets against cutting trees. An occasional action by the Pollution Control Board used to get the headlines. Visibly smoggy skies and murky streams caught the eyes ... Read More »

Managing Waste

Valsa R. Nair Singh, I.A.S., Secretary (Environment), GoM; Chairperson Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) and MCZMA, speaks to Clean India Journa Read More »

Medical Waste Management

Medical waste disposal has become a bigger problem with the advent of disposables like needles and syringes which cause contamination of land, air and water resources Read More »