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ARCORA International GmbH

ARCORA offers a full range of cleaning and hygiene products for hotels, restaurants, hospitals or public institutions. Hotels: TENAS 4IN1, developed for carpet cleaning, takes over the tasks of four classic carpet cleaners because of its polymer / surfactant system: ... Read More »

Coloured bedding for hospital hygiene

For decades, the cleaning industry in the more developed countries has been pushing the idea of colour-coding to prevent cross-contamination, but now an organisation has gone one stage further by introducing day-specific colour-coded bedding, to improve hygiene and patient care, ... Read More »

Unclean Hospital

The prestigious Government General Hospital in Chennai is facing massive sanitation problems. The hospital has only 400 toilets to cater to the nearly 70,000 daily visitors. The toilets are not regularly maintained, making it difficult for even the patients to ... Read More »

Hospital cleaning fails to combat resistant germs

A study carried out at the University of Maryland Medical Centre has found that cleaning an intensive care room that has been occupied by a patient infected with multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii may not remove the risk of the next patient ... Read More »

Personalised feedback sensitizes healthcare workers

A major three-year trial led by researchers at University College London, in partnership with the Health Protection Agency, has shown that giving one-to-one feedback to healthcare workers makes them twice as likely to clean their hands or use soap. The ... Read More »

Magic Cleaners

Does the overpowering stench of drugs and disinfectants in a hospital leave you nauseated. The good news is that some of the top hospitals in Mumbai are spending good money to offer solutions ranging from take deep breath special tiles ... Read More »

Hygiene in Healthcare – A Diagnosis

In nine out of ten cases, the criteria for choosing a hospital by any individual would be the medical facilities offered therein. However, when the situation is critical, any hospital in the vicinity becomes the first choice and in a life-and-death situation the scope for making a choice would be limited. Given a choice, how many of us would actually look at how clean the hospital is inside-out? Would we go for a private set up rather than a Government one because it is supposed to be “cleaner”? Are all private hospitals actually hygienic or do they just look “clean”? Mohana M explores… Read More »

Housekeeping in Healthcare

Hospital housekeeping is very challenging as it involves not only providing hygienic and comfortable environment to the patients and visitors, but also imparting confidence in them, says Sonal Chitroda, Managing Director- A.L.L. Services Under 1 Roof (India) Pvt Ltd. Read More »

Maintaining:Hygiene in hospitals

At a juncture when the healthcare services in general and hospitals in particular are undergoing transformations, it is essential that extreme focus is laid on maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene. Read More »