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Health and Hygiene

Issue of the Missing Tissue

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Step into any MNC or five star hotel and you know where to find a tissue right off a box or a roll. For that matter, even small eateries provide tissues with hot dosas or chilled fruit juice. But, a couple of months back, it was rather surprising to find that the tissues that adorned the tables of favourite joints have disappeared. Instead, the waiter politely indicated to the washbasin where a towel was hung (which probably had already been used by over 100 people!). This is not the scene at eateries alone; toilet paper is off the roll at many offices and face tissues missing from washrooms. Another casualty of economic meltdown? Mohana finds out.

Science of cleaning

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The Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) recently held the 2008 Cleaning Science Conference and Symposium “Cleaning Science and Health ....
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