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A solution to Waste Woes

The Catalytic Low Temperature Thermolysis Process of Pragmatec & Pyro-Kat Pyro-Kat plants are suitable for all types of waste and hazardous waste, such as household waste, industrial waste, hospital waste, plastics, used tires, manure, waste from slaughterhouses, sewage sludge, oil ... Read More »

Garbage burning increasing pollution

New Delhi has always been on the global pollution news for its rising air pollution levels. The reasons include right from open burning of solid waste, vehicular emissions, dust from construction sites and crop burning residues hanging in the air. ... Read More »

GPS in vehicles carting garbage

A vehicle tracking system for carting garbage is on the cards An MOU has been signed between Ministry of Urban development and Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited which will provide the hardware and software for implementing the system. The service charge ... Read More »

Starting Young

While most engineering students in the country nurture dreams of wellpaid corporate jobs and upwardly mobile lifestyles, two enterprising students from Coimbatore decided to walk down a different road. Twenty-three-year-old Saran Raj, along with his classmate C. Prashanth, decided instead ... Read More »

Garbage effacement plans in Goa

The Goa government has taken several measures to make the state totally garbage-free by December 19, 2015. While the work for the garbage treatment plant at Calangute and Cacora will begin soon, the government is also considering putting up nets ... Read More »

Case Study Biogas Methane Plant at Pepsico Pune

The food processing industry, in general, generates excessive amount of waste. Food waste, in many cases, ends up in landfill sites or gets dumped in vacant grounds. This bio-degradable is also being used effectively to produce bio-fuels and the Pepsico ... Read More »

“Amritsar Sparkling”

Backed by the Punjab Government, a joint effort by several international bodies and NGOs is being made to make Amritsar a completely garbage free clean-green city to attain the tag of Eco-city on 6 July 2017, the 440th birthday of ... Read More »

Cleanliness to filthiness

The Vengaivaasal village in Chennai that had won awards for its cleanliness is now suffering from garbage pile up due to non disposal of the same. The three tonnes of garbage generated daily is left on the sidelines of the ... Read More »

Grappling with Garbage

If uric acid odour is an indicator of a urinal nearby, a homemaker in Kerala’s Vilappilsala village suggests new visitors to follow the rotting garbage stench to find their way to the village Thiruvananthapuram City Corporation’s plan to convert a ... Read More »

BMC’s big plans to keep city clean

In a move to keep the city clean, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has bought 26 stationary compactors with dual purpose devices from Hyva, Holland. These compactors have been commissioned at four sites – Grant Road (East & West), Bombay ... Read More »