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Floor Cleaning in Hospitals

Numerous factors must be taken into account during the planning phase with regard to the selection and subsequent cleaning and care of floor coverings in hospitals: • In areas where patients are treated, floors should be unstructured, washable and polishable ... Read More »

Emerging Mega Food Parks in India

India is on the fast track as the Government embarks on the various developmental programmes including Smart cities and industrial & connectivity infrastructure. Figuring among the projects for industries is the creation of Mega Food Parks. With five of the ... Read More »

Cleaning challenges in Food Industry

Hygiene begins with floor-care, especially in the food segment, as everything that spills, falls down on the floor or the nearest surface… everything that is not required is thrown down or lands on the floor… While this is true of ... Read More »

Hako Operations in India

Hako GmbH has been present in India with its long-time joint venture partner Roots Multiclean Ltd. Preben Laustsen, Managing Director-Hako Group East Asia Ltd, discusses Indian market with Managing Editor Mohana M. Roots was one of the first companies in ... Read More »

Sweeping made Easy

Floor cleaning in industry serves several purposes, including preventing accidents from occurring, helping buildings, machines and fixtures and fittings to retain their value and improving a company’s overall image. The benefit of cleaning is counterbalanced with a corresponding financial outlay ... Read More »

Housekeeping as a career choice

After his 12th standard, Santosh Ingle, presently working as a Supervisor at Sumeet Facilities Pvt Ltd, had only two options either continuing his education or look out for a job. He chose the latter. Since then, it has been eight ... Read More »

South Eastern Railway to outsource garbage collection

South Eastern Railway Workshop, Kharagpur is planning to outsource shop floor cleaning and removal of garbage from electrical shops. The job basically involves shop floor cleaning. The 410 Metric Tonne garbage or scrap, which comprises metals, foam, reksin etc accumulated ... Read More »

BSCs sought for Janshatabdi Express train

West Central Railway is planning to outsource on board house keeping services for 12059/12060 Janshatabdi Express train of coaching depot, Kota for two years. N K Mishra, Sr Divisional Mechanical Engineer, Kota said, “This job is being outsourced for the ... Read More »

Small machine to reach corners

Charnock Equipments Pvt Ltd has launched a solution to reach small and restricted areas with Numatic’s new Twintec Cable Scrubber Drier. Designed for compactness, easy operability and manoeuvrability, its oversized transit wheels allow easy movement to and from any specific ... Read More »

RCM expansion plans for India

From being the first to manufacture four wheelers to providing complete floor cleaning solutions, as of today, RCM is set to offer competitive products in a price sensitive market, Celio Franchi, Export Area Manager shares his views about the latest products and trends in the sector Read More »

Coach Cleaning

The January issue of Clean India Journal discussed at length the increased efficiency mechanised cleaning can bring both in terms of cost and the cleaning results. While building service contractors and Facility Management companies are putting equipment and chemicals to optimum use in maintaining various facilities, Railways, Airports and Highways are also experiencing the benefits of mechanisation. CIJ had earlier covered the cleaning system adopted by the Southern Railways. This time, the focus is on the Central Railway. During a visit to the Central Railway offices in Mumbai and also to one of the Railway yards, CIJ’s Mohana found that within six months of adopting mechanisation in coach cleaning, the results seem very encouraging. Read More »

“Painful” Lessons

It is probably a common practice to add a little more of phenyl or any other solution to the mopping bucket with the hope that the floors would get cleaner. But then when it comes to cleaning agents or chemicals, a few drops more than the specified dosage, could turn ‘fatal’.Shashikant Khare, a housekeeping staff with ‘All Services Under One Roof’, narrates how he landed in hospital six months back because of his negligence at work. Read More »

Watch your step

While the world grapples with the fear of bombs and militants, I am battling with a fear of slippery ground. Let us take a look at the statistics… Everyday, the average non-sedentary individual spends at least two or more of ... Read More »

Funny Side Up

Training period is the most crucial phase in a janitor’s career; perhaps the most fun filled time as well. Along with the learning process, there could be interesting and funny experiences which he would carry with him throughout his working life. Clean India Journal has started meeting some of the janitors to get to know those hitherto untold stories of goof ups and lighter moments. Read More »

Ride-on or walk-behind Scrubbers

How do I pick up the right scrubber for the site? This is  one thing most customers are unclear about and end up buying  machines which probably is not the right  one for their factory or hotel. Further, be  it ... Read More »

Choosing right cleaning agents

Acids to chemicals to bio-products – all cleaning agents are intended to clean, disinfect and sanitise. But lack of proper knowledge of the ingredients in each agent & their properties and also the amount to be used for different applications can very often prevent the cleaning processes from achieving optimum results. Mohana elaborates on the need for appropriate and efficient use of cleaning products. Read More »