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Industrial Cleaning – Recovery, Recycling, Housekeeping

The priority given to maintenance at various manufacturing facilities is directly related to the incremental improvements sought in the production performance. In this context, industries enjoin a more systematic, emphatic, cost-saving and operational solution to industrial cleaning. Industrial cleaning has evolved both qualitatively through mechanised elimination of waste and quantitatively through impressive enhancements in value-addition through optimum recovery of spillage and raw materials. Cleaning in every industry has its own set of challenges. Industrial cleaning services provide customised cleaning solutions to handle all aspects of equipment as well as plant cleaning. Let us look at industrial cleaning in terms of cleaning equipment deployed to recover spillage and in terms of housekeeping in industries.

Safe drinking water for the rural poor

Eureka Forbes has been collaborating with an NGO for the past one year to supply drinking water in villages with a population of around 1500-2000 people. Fifty water purifying plants have already been put up mainly in Andhra Pradesh. A few are coming up in Rajastan and around Delhi.

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