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Monday , 23 September 2019
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Technological Transformations & Paradigm Shift

In the keynote address made at Gulf Laundrex Linen Care expo held in Dubai in November last year, Victor Bastian, Assistant Vice President-Linencraft stated that fostering open, free and transparent communication with various stakeholders is the way forward. WITH 20 ... Read More »

Surface Cleaning Water Soluble sachets

Excel International has started marketing Soluclean range of eco-friendly and easy to use range of pre-dosed concentrated surface cleaning products encapsulated in fully watersoluble sachets. The Soluclean range covers virtually every aspect of the everyday cleaning needs for today’s demanding ... Read More »

Constructing World’s Most Affordable Toilets

Managing Industrial waste under the prescribed guidelines has been a tough task for companies. What if an entire home could be built from waste, including toilets! Binish Desai, Chairman-BDream Group introduces P-block bricks based on his patented technology B Dream ... Read More »


Excel International, a leading hygiene specialist in the Indian market, introduces Soluclean, a comprehensive range of pre-dosed concentrated cleaning chemicals. An exciting new cleaning system to be launched at the Clean India Show, covers virtually every aspect of the everyday ... Read More »

Bangalore to produce ‘co-combustion’ power

A modernized “co-combustion” technology generating power from urban garbage having almost zero dioxin and furan levels has been launched in Bangalore. The Bangalore Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) and multinational waste to energy company Satarem India signed a PPP for this project ... Read More »

Commercial production of vermicompost

Extensive use of inorganic chemicals and fertilizers on farm land has caused considerable damage to the health of the soil and the people, and the environment in general. Even animal products such as milk and meat are polluted through high ... Read More »