Friday , 29 May 2020
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DLAI Members Meet

The city unit of the Dry Cleaners and Launderers Association of India organised a meeting to suggest solutions to issues faced by the industry. One of the top issues, use of plastic bags, was addressed and alternatives suggested. Zehen Arora, ... Read More »

DLAI team visits China

The Dry-Cleaners’ and Launderers’ Association of India (DLAI), within the first year of its formation, while strengthening its member-base, set out on an international tour to Shanghai to visit the Texcare Asia 2019 expo. Following the invitation from the China ... Read More »

Air Compressors for Dry Cleaners

Chemical cleaning applications are the future of the drycleaning industry. Here’s a guide to look at the benefits and must-haves in today’s air compressors for dry cleaning. For a dry-cleaning press, an air pressure range of 70 to 90 and ... Read More »

Laundry & Dry-Cleaners Meet at Ludhiana

In a high-level conference organised by the Punjab Dry Cleaners’ Association in Ludhiana in March, more than 100 laundry and dry-cleaning service providers from across North India gathered to discuss topics of concern, including GST and other developments in the ... Read More »

See-through Fabric Washing

What are the common mistakes made by newer service providers in this field? Not all dry cleaners accept every type of fabric for cleaning. And some of the ones who do, mostly run a trial-and-error process that could end up ... Read More »

Wash clothes with just a cup of water

A new environment friendly washing machine, which uses only one cup of water and leaves clothes virtually dry, has been developed by University of Leeds, the UK. The technology is developed by Stephen Burkinshaw over the past 30 years. It ... Read More »