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Marriott group reveals response to Covid-19

Marriott International has issued a statement disclosing its cleaning protocols in the time of covid-19. At the employee level, this includes an emphasis on hand hygiene and complete covid-related training. An internal communications hub has been launched to provide access ... Read More »

Disinfection & Sanitization Solutions

Charnock Equipments Private Limited has a range of equipment that are ideal to deal with infection control during these testing times. It requires minimum manpower and recurring chemicals costs and are environment friendly. ULV 50 The ULV 50 is a ... Read More »

Infection Prevention

One in every 20 patients gets an infection while being treated at a hospital. In a world where the influenza virus can survive on a doorknob for up to two hours, Sealed Air on its patented Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (Oxivir) ... Read More »

Healthcare Linen & Uniforms Cleaning

Most hospitals depend upon external laundry services, and are less worried about hygiene in terms of how the linen and uniforms are picked up, the kind of machines they are washed in, packed and delivered. Vijay Rodda The author is ... Read More »

CIRI’s Symposium

The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International (CIRI) has announced its science and technology symposium ‘Save the Dates – The Science and Efficacy of Antimicrobials, Disinfectants and Their Impact on Cleaning Technologies’ – to be held from November 9-11. The focus ... Read More »

Water systems for Punjab

Under the Government scheme, Ion Exchange (India) Ltd has installed drinking water treatment systems in the rural communities – Chotian and Mahsinghwala villages (Sangrur district) and Jamdha village (Ferozepur district) in Punjab. It has also put up point-of-use drinking water ... Read More »

Water Sustainability

The demand for solutions to water supply and wastewater treatment has been increasing in the existing market with the increasing need for processed water, both in the industrial and domestic segments. The infrastructure and industrial growth has further accentuated the demand, making water the fastest growing industry besides cleaning. Abhitabh Read More »

Infection Control

Infection Control in hospitals is gaining importance with increasing stress on safe patient healthcare. Consequently, responsibilities for the infection control practioners is increasing and improving awareness and compliance among the healthcare providers is a strong priority in the hospital. The ... Read More »

Ozone in Preventive Medicine

Contagious diseases can spread through drinking water. Proper disinfection helps combat epidemics and prevent infections. The disinfection principles used for drinking water are also valid for drinking water in medical practices and hospitals (medically used drinking water). Medically used drinking ... Read More »

Washing water jars

Supply of drinking water in big-sized jars is a common sight in offices and even in houses. But, how safe are these jars and the water? Read More »