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Many facets of Single Disc machines

Single disc scrubbers are the most versatile, multipurpose and general machines for maintenance and cleaning of all types of floors and carpets. As the name implies, it uses a single rotating disc which works on the floor to clean it. ... Read More »

Facade Cleaning & Safety

Internationally, countries have laid down stringent safety laws, regulations and standards pertaining to façade maintenance and window cleaning. But, in India there are no laws or rules specifically laid down for the safety of people working at heights! Ironically, the ... Read More »

Safety comes with Standards

It was a high-rise building in Kolkata… A man on ropes is busy cleaning the windows. A closer look… the ropes he was hanging on were damaged and were from the ones discarded as non-usable; cloth tied across his shoulder ... Read More »

Sweeping off the Broom

Some companies still do not realise that the most expensive piece of equipment being used within the company is a broom, which involves expensive manpower. Sweepers, on the other hand, work at least 10 times faster and more accurately than ... Read More »

Convenient Cleaning with Trolleys

Cleaning becomes effective and efficient when made convenient. It is not so encouraging to walk down the corridor every time to fetch the mop to clean the next room; nor is it practical to carry along all the tools & ... Read More »

Vacuums for multi cleaning solutions

A vacuum cleaner, the first cleaning machine invented, is still the most widely used, right from homes, apartments and airplanes to hospitals and large industries. The users depend on vacuum cleaners to maintain a dust free and healthy environment. Along ... Read More »

Clean India Show 2012-Exclusive Laundry Pavilion

Healthcare, hospitality, laundromat, commercial laundries, hostels, construction, railways and manufacturing industries including pharma, automobile, food processing and others sought laundry solutions at the Clean India Show. In a major initiative to provide an exclusive platform for the nascent laundry industry ... Read More »

Effectively Realising Synergies in the Supply-Service Chain?

In the supply-service-serviced chain, identifying, quantifying, executing, and tracking synergies across the portfolio of deals and deeds among the three, increase the profitability of the companies involved. To provide industry players opportunities to learn best practices through effective synergies in successful models, Mohana M discusses the successful collaboration between equipment supplier & service provider and service provider & end user. Read More »

Cleaning BRUSHES are critical too

The quality and strength of cleaning brushes differ in different applications. If there are strong bristle brushes for hard surface cleaning, there are softer, bigger and smaller ones for other applications. In fact, there are several brushes for one particular application. It is said there are over 1000 brushes for cleaning alone! How can one ascertain which brush is for which cleaning? Shardul Nautiyal asks the experts. Read More »

Maintaining Quality & Hygiene in Tea manufacturing

Tea manufacturing is a delicate process. Each type of tea has a unique flavour and taste. Today, manufacturers aim at not only a balance of flavour and taste, but also producing bacterial free product. Clean India Journal delves into the various aspects of cleaning processes in tea manufacturing. According to a survey, there are 1655 registered tea manufacturers in India. Read More »

Cleaning technologies in electronics industry

High precision and uninterrupted performance of modern electronics demands maintenance and servicing. The use of lubricants, specialty products and cleaning technologies extends the life of the Electronics equipment and smoothens their functioning. Clean India Journal find out more on the cleaning technologies from the electronics industry players… Read More »

Pharma Facility: Need for properly designed Cleaning Systems

Effective cleaning methods should be deployed within a pharma manufacturing facility to control potential carryover of product, impurities and cleaning agents into subsequent product. Clean India Journal delves upon the various technologies and procedures adopted by some of the leading drug manufacturers of India. Read More »

Processing of Food Ingredients Cleaning Deep, Cleaning Safe

Effective cleaning of equipment in the food processing industry reduces chances of food contamination during preparation, processing, storage and packaging. Food and environmental safety concerns coupled with high energy and water & waste treatment costs are motivating the pursuit for better cleaning and sanitizing systems. Viable alternatives for food processing industry today include dry steam deep cleaning, cold and heated pressure wash, dryers, dust collection and centralised vacuum system. Read More »

Growing Opportunities for Facility Services in South India

At a rapid growth rate of 25-30% per annum, the over `16,000 crore-facility services industry of India is drawing global attention with more and more international service providers making inroads into this market. While the overall development in various sectors has increased opportunities, the service industry is heading for a boom in South India. Clean India Journal takes stock of the trends triggering this growth and the potential tier-II and III cities is offering to the service industry. Read More »

Campaign Clean India: A holistic approach to cleaning

If the enthusiasm and commitment of the Minister of Tourism, Subodh Kant Sahai to make select tourism destinations in India clean & hygienic bears fruit, 2012 will definitely be the “Year of India” as envisaged by him. In an exclusive interview with Clean India Journal’s Jayaraman Nair and Mangala Chandran, the Minister explains how focusing on the upkeep of tourist destinations and the approach to those at the grassroots level would be the prime objective of Campaign Clean India. The Campaign to be launched in April this year will aim to double the number of inbound tourists to India from the present five million to 10 million by the end of 2016, which would be one per cent of all global travellers visiting India. He is also open to suggestions and road maps from Clean India Journal. Read More »

Textile industry in South India Growing opportunities for Cleaning Industry

The recent study on the growth of some of the major industries down South has created a buzz on the increasing cleaning opportunities. Especially with the textile industry registering 1.5 times more growth over the decade in Coimbatore and Tirupur in Tamil Nadu compared to Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the cleaning market is shifting focus to South India. Read More »