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Tuesday , 11 December 2018
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Food hygiene starts with floor cleaning

Food producers and retailers have to follow perfect hygiene regime at every stage from production stage to end product to reaching the end consumer to retain their lead in the market. Hygiene begins with the floor. Read More »

Managing Pests in hostels

The return of the Bedbugs is a rampant problem and they are everywhere. Hostels and PG accommodations are the worst hit by this global phenomenon. The age-old 4D mantra of pest management – deny entry, shelter, food and then destroy ... Read More »

Health Hazard

Even though manual scavenging and dry toilets were banned in Uttar Pradesh almost 19 years ago, manual scavenging persist in the state with problem almost epidemic in western Uttar Pradesh. A report released by the Panchayati Raj department of UP ... Read More »

Cleaning Taxes

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has uploaded the City Sanitation Plan on its website and provided two mail ids for citizens to send in their feedback. However, all the mails are on taxes. The citizens have apparently not bothered to ... Read More »

Gandhigiri’ Cleaning

In order to persuade the people not to defecate in the open and to educate people about hygiene and cleanliness, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to use ‘gandhigiri.’Special groups called ‘toka-taki’ will be formed in the rural areas which ... Read More »

Goa Shipyard looking for service provider

Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL), which functions under the administrative control of Ministry of Defence, Government of India, is planning to outsource cleaning and maintenance of buildings, roads, gardens and toilets in GSL Officers’ quarters. Speaking to Clean India Journal, Lt ... Read More »

Cute Cleaning with CaddyClean

While the act of scrubbing yields good cleaning results, the size of the machine determines the reach and time taken for cleaning any surface. When it comes to scrubbing smaller and hard to reach surfaces smaller machines make cleaning altogether a different experience. Sven-Erik Carlsson, CEO, CaddyClean, Sweden, shares his views on the advantages of small machines Read More »

Public Restroom-A high risk environment

From an environmental health scientist’s point of view, a restroom, in particular a public restroom is a high risk environment. That’s because, at its most basic level, the restroom is essentially a bio-hazardous waste transfer station. In more graphic terms, ... Read More »

Mechanised cleaning for Manmad depot

Central Railway at Manmad is planning to outsource dry sweeping, cleaning and watering of train at Manmad Depot for a period of three years. The contractor will clean 70080 coaches within this stipulated period. Parivesh Sahu from DRM Office, Central ... Read More »

New ‘two flies’ rule for Beijing toilets

To improve the Chinese capital’s unpleasant public lavatories, the Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment has introduced new regulations for public lavatories stipulating that they should contain no more than two flies. The new rules also include standards ... Read More »

Vijayawada on disposal of solid waste

Municipal Commissioner G. Ravibabu, Vijayawada has instructed the officers concerned to prepare a plan for the removal of municipal solid waste as per the rules. Several unique problems and implementation of the rules related to maintaining sanitation and cleanliness in ... Read More »

Fighting dengue

An integrated sanitation plan to combat dengue has been chalked out for implementation in all panchayats, town panchayats and municipalities of Nagapattinam district. The measures include mass cleanliness drive, tyre removal campaign throughout the district, cleaning of sumps and OHTs, ... Read More »

Clean celebrations

Lakhs of devotees thronged the ghats of Varanasi to a take holy dip in the river on the occasion of Ganga Dussehra last month. Besides the traditional celebration of the festival with cultural programmes, the Ganga Sewa Nidhi also organised ... Read More »

Noida moves against pests

The sanitation department has been given strict instructions to ensure that Noida turns spotlessly clean. The health department has started a campaign to make Noida less susceptible to the outbreak of vector borne diseases like dengue and malaria. For that, ... Read More »

Sanitation woes

Emphasising the medically proven links between malnutrition and sanitation, Union Rural Development Minister Jairam Ramesh has sought the Prime Minister’s support in sustaining a hike in the 12th Five Year Plan’s allocation for drinking water and sanitation. A key cause ... Read More »

Kharagpur to outsource railway cleaning

The Kharagpur division of South Eastern Railway at Santragachi is planning to outsource on-board cleaning and hygiene of nine trains for a period of one year. Speaking to sources at SE Railway, the official said that the work pertains to ... Read More »

Sowing the seeds for sanitation

In order to revamp poor sanitation facilities, women in Kanpur have teamed up with Water Aid and Shramik Bharti to build and maintain community toilets. Under this project, they will be conducting training programmes in mobilisation, campaign and grievance redressal ... Read More »

Professional cleaning yet to take off in Indian Bakeries

Though automation in production processes has evolved in the bakeries in terms of ovens and other sophisticated equipment, automation in cleaning is yet to take off. Inadequate infrastructure, high investment required for equipment & space, labour intensive processes and lack of awareness about FSSAI Act amongst the baker community are the main issues, reports Shardul Nautiyal. Read More »

Delivering The right fragrance

In an innovative move to provide eco-friendly solutions for indoor air-quality, UAE based Fragrance Delivery Technologies Ltd, a new entrant in the Cleaning Industry, has launched an “Oxy-Gen powered” clean technology in the air-care range. Viva!e is the second generation environment-friendly air-freshening system and the latest model in the world’s first continuous fragrance and odour control delivery system, says Hydros Jassenu, MP of FDT. Read More »




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