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Ugly Indian

The ordinary citizens of Bengaluru have taken up the cleanliness of their city in their own hands. Connecting through social media, the group known as “Ugly Indians” cleans up streets, beautify corners and install dustbins and urinals across the city, ... Read More »

Clean Ghana

The President of Ghana launched an extensive sanitation programme to tackle the cleanliness problem plaguing the country. The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development devised a sanitation programme lasting three months driven by all inclusive National Sanitation Task Force. ... Read More »

Hand Sanitation

Over 80,000 children from the Kiambu region in Kenya celebrated the Global Hand Washing day on October 15 by pledging to wash their hands at least five times a day. Personal hygiene has gained importance due to the prevalence of ... Read More »

Unclean Conditions

The Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad has been off limits for many due to foul smell emitting from a pit dug on the northeast corner that has been filling with sewage inflows and rainwater. The pit was dug during the construction ... Read More »

Poor Kid’s Bearer Bonds

With free market financial incentives and government providing options, the litter around us can get less and less, says Alford Hardy, Hardy Asset Management Consulting, Savannah, Georgia I am an asset manager who deals mostly with medical equipment and systems. ... Read More »

Hygiene Awareness

The social service cell of The Faculty of Management Studies in Delhi launched a social awareness campaign with the aim to sensitize people towards proper hygiene, cleanliness and health. The students separated in groups and cleaned the roads and lanes ... Read More »

Rat Nuisance

The city of Sydney has proved it has zero tolerance policy towards endangering public health by maintaining high standards for hygiene and cleanliness in the food business. An Indian takeaway was fined over $90,000 by the Sydney municipality, after a ... Read More »

Food hygiene starts with floor cleaning

Food producers and retailers have to follow perfect hygiene regime at every stage from production stage to end product to reaching the end consumer to retain their lead in the market. Hygiene begins with the floor. Read More »

Managing Pests in hostels

The return of the Bedbugs is a rampant problem and they are everywhere. Hostels and PG accommodations are the worst hit by this global phenomenon. The age-old 4D mantra of pest management – deny entry, shelter, food and then destroy ... Read More »

Health Hazard

Even though manual scavenging and dry toilets were banned in Uttar Pradesh almost 19 years ago, manual scavenging persist in the state with problem almost epidemic in western Uttar Pradesh. A report released by the Panchayati Raj department of UP ... Read More »

Cleaning Taxes

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has uploaded the City Sanitation Plan on its website and provided two mail ids for citizens to send in their feedback. However, all the mails are on taxes. The citizens have apparently not bothered to ... Read More »

Gandhigiri’ Cleaning

In order to persuade the people not to defecate in the open and to educate people about hygiene and cleanliness, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to use ‘gandhigiri.’Special groups called ‘toka-taki’ will be formed in the rural areas which ... Read More »

Goa Shipyard looking for service provider

Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL), which functions under the administrative control of Ministry of Defence, Government of India, is planning to outsource cleaning and maintenance of buildings, roads, gardens and toilets in GSL Officers’ quarters. Speaking to Clean India Journal, Lt ... Read More »

Cute Cleaning with CaddyClean

While the act of scrubbing yields good cleaning results, the size of the machine determines the reach and time taken for cleaning any surface. When it comes to scrubbing smaller and hard to reach surfaces smaller machines make cleaning altogether a different experience. Sven-Erik Carlsson, CEO, CaddyClean, Sweden, shares his views on the advantages of small machines Read More »

Public Restroom-A high risk environment

From an environmental health scientist’s point of view, a restroom, in particular a public restroom is a high risk environment. That’s because, at its most basic level, the restroom is essentially a bio-hazardous waste transfer station. In more graphic terms, ... Read More »