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Tuesday , 18 February 2020
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Touchless cleaning technology

Chessington-based Prochem Europe showcases its new touchless cleaning technology ‘CR2 Multi- Surface’ for washrooms and other wet areas that also can be used on carpet and upholstery. It is a versatile ‘touch-free’ restoration system that not only does away with ... Read More »

Convenient Cleaning with Trolleys

Cleaning becomes effective and efficient when made convenient. It is not so encouraging to walk down the corridor every time to fetch the mop to clean the next room; nor is it practical to carry along all the tools & ... Read More »

Fume extraction for a cleaner Workplace Environment

Air pollution is a problem indoors as well as out doors. In the workplace, it might be welding gases; in a repair shop, it might be engine exhaust; and in a mechanical workshop, it might be fumes from quick-starting emergency-response vehicles or the oily fog from cutting fluids. Read More »

Bhart Forge Ltd, Pune: Increasing productivity with Cleaner Workshops

One of the oldest known metalwork manufacturing processes where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure and heated into high strength parts is forgings. The domestic automotive sector and outsourcing have been the key drivers of growth for the forging industry in India with consistent increase in production, capacity utilization and exports. With the booming auto component industry with forging exports projected to touch US$5 billion (which is about 15% of the auto component exports) by 2015, the demand for forgings is expected to be at least 16% per annum. The forging industry is largely growing around automotive industry which is mainly concentrated in West as well as South India. But how are forging manufacturers maintaining the production premises? What is the cleaning technology being adopted? What are their specific cleaning requirements? Mohana M finds out… Read More »

Just seven months to go for CIS 2012

India’s largest exhibition showcasing the latest in cleaning technology and hygiene solutions, Clean India Show 2012, braces to include more solutions in its 9th edition. In a move to meet requirements of major industries growing down South, the Show will ... Read More »

The BIG Indian Market

Before we go on to say that India is THE market for the global cleaning industry to look at, an assessment of the present market forces, the trends and economic factors contributing to the overall growth is important. Five years ... Read More »

The changing face of housekeeping

Over the years, various departments in hotels have been undergoing total revamping. The hotels have been equipping themselves with the most modern and user friendly technological advancements to fulfill the ever increasing demands of consumers. The housekeeping department has also ... Read More »

Trends in cleaning: Driven by Ecology and Economics

When mechanised cleaning was initially introduced, the main reason for purchasing an equipment was to save on personnel costs. Today, machine users pay attention to the quality of cleaning results, the efficiency of the technology used and, to an increased extent, to the aspects of environmental protection and ergonomics. Read More »

The power of cleaning with water

What best way to clean with just water when you know it is harmless, causes no reactions or needs no dilution… Ignatius Ng, Area Manager – South/South Asia, speaks to Clean India Journal Read More »

Proventec Plc forays into India

UK-based steam solutions provider Proventec Plc has plans to enter the Indian market with its patented ‘OspreyDeepclean’ technology. The technology uses steam at a temperature of 130°C for cleaning. The high degree steam dissolves grease, kills germs in an instant ... Read More »

Industrial cleaning solutions for CEMENT INDUSTRY

Unlike steel, the cement industry demands round-the-clock housekeeping with fine dust floating constantly in the air or forming a thin carpet on the floor. This calls for specialised equipment with special features to ensure that air pollution levels are maintained well within the prescribed limits. At many cement factories, cleaning up of this residue is still being done with brooms, shovels and wheel barrows. Mohana discusses with Industry players the existing and prospective mechanised solutions for the cement industry… Read More »

Environment friendly carpet cleaning programme

A colourful carpet definitely enhances the ambience, but cleaning the same is undeniably a tedious job. Research has shown that properly maintained carpet enhances the indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning now has transformed into a challenging science and craft. It ... Read More »