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Giving metal surfaces the shine they deserve

Apart from wood and stone, metals are the most ubiquitous building materials we have in use today. They are the most flexible materials to work with for daily use but can also add that touch of flair with their inimitable ... Read More »

Addressing Challenges in Hospitality

Challenge in meeting cleaning standards The first and foremost challenge is in getting the skilled manpower for housekeeping and we are facing a shortage. Secondly, there is a lack of awareness of the importance of hygiene. Application of right cleaning ... Read More »

Understanding Car Detailing

The demand for car wash and car detailing could be best understand with the process and products that go into making a car clean. Detailing begins with the correct cleaning agents used for removing dirt and grime on and below ... Read More »

Facade Cleaning & Safety

Internationally, countries have laid down stringent safety laws, regulations and standards pertaining to façade maintenance and window cleaning. But, in India there are no laws or rules specifically laid down for the safety of people working at heights! Ironically, the ... Read More »

European Business Award for Tennant

Cleaning equipment manufacturer Tennant has recently won the Award for Business Innovation of the Year 2009 in Rome for its ec-H2O technology. The cleaning equipment converts tap water into a powerful cleaning agent without the need for any chemicals. It ... Read More »

Choosing right cleaning agents

Acids to chemicals to bio-products – all cleaning agents are intended to clean, disinfect and sanitise. But lack of proper knowledge of the ingredients in each agent & their properties and also the amount to be used for different applications can very often prevent the cleaning processes from achieving optimum results. Mohana elaborates on the need for appropriate and efficient use of cleaning products. Read More »

The chlorine factor

Although chlorine is the cheapest disinfectant and still being used in most countries, free chlorine, if not removed or controlled, can lead to serious health hazards Read More »

Cleaning products with energy

Bio-Productions Ltd. Incorporating Stapro, West Sussex, UK has entered India recently distributing its products through Bangalore based Charnock Equipments Pvt. Ltd. The Company manufactures a range of environment friendly cleaning and water saving products and formulations using naturally derived raw materials and harmless biological compounds impacting less on the people coming in contact with the cleaning products. Mike James, Managing Director, Bio- Productions, spoke to Clean India Journal during the recent Clean India Show. Read More »