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Hand Hygiene

Due importance is given to personal hygiene, but at the professional front, it is hand hygiene that requires a greater focus. Without proper hand hygiene practices, It is not just an individual who is at stake, but several people who depend upon the type of work delivered by that individual.

Creating a Professional Identity

Today, companies that offer facility services are numerous and varied, but not all of them are professionally managed. Prashant Sule, Managing Director of Pest Control India Environmental Services (PCIES) stresses that it is critical for clients to understand all about outsourcing services, contracting terms and their implementation.

Increasing service quality for washrooms

Sharing his views on India operations, Bryce Tietjens, Business Services Director – Cannon International, tells CIJ about the company’s future plans for India in taking washroom hygiene products and systems to workplaces across the country. Cannon Hygiene has partnered with PCI Environmental Services for its India operations.

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