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Beginning of a New Journey

You have had a long stint with the cleaning industry. What is the biggest contribution / achievement you have made? Having moved from the Hospitality industry and after a brief stint (four years) with the IT industry, I began my ... Read More »

Ask Dr Drain

Qualified and equipped with a team of technicians, Dr Drain is an expert at resolving all ailments related to the drain. Accessible over the phone at any time, Dr Drain offers services across the country. Dr Drain is the latest ... Read More »

Drain Doctor goes to office

It seemed like a regular call, as Dr Drain approached the building of a multinational company housing 3,500 employees working in three shifts. Usually washrooms in such big offices get choked due to faulty preventive maintenance, overuse or abuse. Well, ... Read More »


The best part about getting a professional drain cleaning company on board is that they are available for you when you need them. They are fully equipped with the right inspection and cleaning tools, with the right technology and the ... Read More »

Drain Clog in Food Facilities

In a food processing plant or for that matter any food facility like a cafeteria, one of the main areas of concern is the clogging of the floor drain system. Despite the continuous and increased efforts to reduce the growth ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene launches ‘Imagine’

In keeping with the growing style trend, Cannon Hygiene launched its new washroom range “Imagine”, which is “set to revolutionise the look and feel of the entire washroom”. DESIGNED IN distinctive geometric shapes, the dispensers can be tailored to any ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene introduces Cannon Drainoscopy

The constant build of scale, unsightly stains and uric salts mainly in urinal and in the water closets, which ultimately lead to blockages and foul odour becomes a challenge to address. Cannon Drainoscopy is an inspection system to quickly detect ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene – Door Handle Sanitizer

The latest innovation in serviced washroom hygiene from the company, can be “Easily installed above horizontal or vertical door handles, CannonTouch dispenses an ultra-fine mist, which kills 99.99% of everyday bacteria and contact viruses in less than 30 seconds in ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene : Curbing Washroom Contamination

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, in his very first speech from the ramparts of Red Fort, spoke of building toilets for every home, every school, every office… Yes, India needs proper sanitation facilities but at the same time toilets ... Read More »

Cannon Hygiene-Air Freshener

Cannon Hygiene presents CannonScent to create a unique environment to engage customer’s memories and emotions. Ginger Blossoms, Red Sequoias and Bright Orchids. Cannon also offers custom designed “signature corporate scents”. The CanonScent MDW-250 is a modular scent diffusion system with dimensions 170 x190x259mm (WxLxH) ... Read More »

Hand Hygiene

Due importance is given to personal hygiene, but at the professional front, it is hand hygiene that requires a greater focus. Without proper hand hygiene practices, It is not just an individual who is at stake, but several people who depend upon the type of work delivered by that individual. Read More »

Cannon Hygiene (India) bags Global Excellence Award

Cannon Hygiene (India), the washroom hygiene vertical of OCS International Facilities Management Services, repeated its performance of the previous year, achieving the award for “Global Excellence” presented at the recently concluded Global Cannon conference at Dublin, Ireland. Cannon offers Washroom ... Read More »

Creating a Professional Identity

Today, companies that offer facility services are numerous and varied, but not all of them are professionally managed. Prashant Sule, Managing Director of Pest Control India Environmental Services (PCIES) stresses that it is critical for clients to understand all about outsourcing services, contracting terms and their implementation. Read More »

Increasing service quality for washrooms

Sharing his views on India operations, Bryce Tietjens, Business Services Director – Cannon International, tells CIJ about the company’s future plans for India in taking washroom hygiene products and systems to workplaces across the country. Cannon Hygiene has partnered with PCI Environmental Services for its India operations. Read More »

Cannon Hygiene future plans in India

The UK based Cannon Hygiene, which has a joint venture with PCI Environmental Services for its India operations, plans to take washroom hygiene products and systems to workplaces across India. Speaking to Clean India Journal, Bryce Tietjens, Business Services Director ... Read More »