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Why do we forget to wash hands after using a Washroom?

Prashant Sule, Consultant & Expert in Cleaning & Hygiene Solutions; Blogger; Writer; Culinary Enthusiast and Host   Bacteria generation and growth in the toilets/washrooms has always been and will always be a concern. Hence, washing hands after using the washroom ... Read More »

Disinfection & Sanitization Solutions

Charnock Equipments Private Limited has a range of equipment that are ideal to deal with infection control during these testing times. It requires minimum manpower and recurring chemicals costs and are environment friendly. ULV 50 The ULV 50 is a ... Read More »

Increasing Productivity with Right Solutions

It is beyond question that a clean, tidy and organized workplace can increase employees’ concentration and make them proactive and happy! This is true in offices and schools, for example, where periodic cleaning not only reduces the time spent looking ... Read More »

MOPS Microfibre or Cotton?

What would be the average number of cotton mops used annually by a facility of 5000sqft? A 5,000sqft area space can be mopped by a housekeeper with one mop in maximum one-and-a-half hours, provided it is without any area-wise hindrance. ... Read More »

Study: Copper surfaces in fitness centres reduce bacteria

Using copper-alloy materials in fitness centres significantly reduced concentrations of bacteria on all equipment types, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Infection Control. The study shows that high-touch surfaces in gyms made with copper will ... Read More »

Hygienic Bathroom

Any other part of a home, the balcony or bedroom, if left shabby and dirty can still be tackled, but a badly maintained bathroom is like inviting millions of diseases. The bathroom is one such place which needs to be ... Read More »

Uniqflux launches RO Plant in Pune

Uniqflux Membranes LLP, a Pune based firm has established a Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis Membranes production plant in Pune, the first-ever in India. The plant will manufacture high-end technology membranes having wider applications in social, medical and industrial fields ... Read More »

Bacteria to degenerate plastic

In a major scientific discovery that may permanently solve the problem of urban garbage to landfills, it has come to light that a special species of bacteria can degenerate plastics. If the field trials are successful, it can bring about ... Read More »